Today I’ve ceased the posting of tweets to the @samuelpepys Twitter account. I haven’t been happy using the service for a long time now, due to its current owner – and have stopped using it personally – but so many people enjoy Pepys on there that I didn’t want to deny them the pleasure.

Unfortunately, the final straw has been Twitter continually breaking things. There’s a recently-added setting I have to set to enable the automated tweets, but every time I do that, the change is somehow undone a few days later. The novelty of this has worn off and, what with everything else there, it seems like time to stop posting on Twitter. (The Mastodon account will continue.)

I imagine there’s not a lot of crossover between readers of this site and followers of the Twitter account. While it lasted, @samuelpepys was a nice way to have his daily activity dropping into your life in real-time, as he went about his many businesses.

The account went live in May 2009 and now has 73,800 followers. It featured in the set of comedian Bill Bailey, as recorded in his Larks in Transit show (on YouTube or BBC iPlayer, starts at 29:49).

It also caused a little kerfuffle for the head of the UK’s Sephardi community, when he retweeted a tweet containing “intimations of vulgarity”.

Here are what I think are Pepys’s most favorited tweets, according to Twitter Analytics:

  1. So to bed, where my wife and I had some high words upon my telling her that I would fling the dog which her brother gave her out of window if he pissed the house any more. (3,343, 12 February 2023)

  2. I had a strange dream of bepissing myself, which I really did, and having kicked my clothes off, I got cold; and found myself all much wet in the morning, and had a great deal of pain in making water which made me very melancholy. (2,476, 29 May 2023)

  3. Some of our maids sitting up late to get things ready against our feast to-day, Jane called us up to tell us of a great fire they saw in the City. (1,166, 2 September 2019)

  4. I was mightily troubled with a looseness, and feeling for a chamber-pott, there was none, I having called the maid up out of her bed, she had forgot I suppose to put one there; so I was forced in this strange house to rise and shit in the chimney twice. (1,130, 29 September 2018)

  5. I waked and my wife not come to bed; I lacked a pot, but there was none, and bitter cold, so was forced to rise and piss in the chimney. (856, 28 December 2017)

Clearly, a certain kind of tweet goes down particularly well.

So that’s all for now, over there, but everything else continues as normal.


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