As far as I know, the recent server move has gone smoothly, with nothing (new) broken. I’ve made a couple small changes to the site recently:

I’ve added little headings into lists of annotations and comments, marking where the “First Reading”, “Second Reading” and, soon, “Third Reading” begins. I meant to do this years ago but better late than never! Hopefully it adds a little more context to the lengthening lists of annotations.

Secondly, I’ve been through the diary and, where the 1893 edition omitted certain passages, I’ve added in the missing text, taken from the Latham & Matthews edition. The censored passages, marked with an ellipsis (…) in the text, usually concerned Elizabeth’s periods, Samuel’s more extreme or graphic sexual exploits, or some scatological terms. I’ve added the missing text in square brackets, ending with “– L&M”, for example, from the first diary entry:

My wife … [, after the absence of her terms for seven weeks, – L&M] gave me hopes of her being with child

The missing text has always been contributed somewhere in the annotations but this way it also means that anyone following along via email or RSS feed will be able to read it easily. And it will make for easier reading in general.

I’m currently updating @samuelpepys’ Twitter tweets and Mastodon posts for the start of the diary – last time around Twitter only allowed 140 characters so they’re more edited and split up than necessary these days.

Finally, I’ve also made some changes to how the emails containing the daily diary entries will work. If you’re currently subscribed to the existing list for this, you should have received an email letting you know it will change, and you’ll be automatically added to the new list. I’ll post again next week with full details of the new, simpler, process but feel free to email me if you’d like me to email you directly about it.

That’s all for now. I’ll be making a few tweaks next week before we start all over again with the Third Reading on the evening of 1st January!


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