Kate posted this to the discussion list and I thought it was worth highlighting here – various new resources from the Museum of London that feature Pepys. They’re aimed at young children – around age 6 or 7 – and are focused on the Great Fire of London, deaf Londoners, and the shorthand that Pepys used.

First, two sites for schools to help them teach these topics:

  • The Great Fire of London teaching resources
    “Get your class to explore the Great Fire of London with our animated videos and a variety of activities, created for KS1 teachers. Some of the activity sheets are available in different versions, differentiated for students working towards, at, or beyond the expected level.”
  • Deaf Londoners in the 1660s
    “Explore the lives of deaf people in 17th-century London and learn about the ways life has changed since then. Here you will find a comic book, a teachers’ guide, and activities to use in class.”

And here are links to some PDFs containing plenty of images of diary pages and guides to signing from the period:


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