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"..of a dsign I have come in my head this morning at church of making a match between Mrs. Betty Pickering and Mr.Hill.."

Thomas Hill married in the following year, and on July 14th,1666, Pepys refers to the "young wife, and a blithe young woman she is.."

Henry.B.Wheatley. Vol.I. Febr, 1893.

".. Betty Pickering, Sandwich's niece, eventually married John Creed.."

L+M Vol.VI.1974.

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Elizabeth, married to John Creed, of Oundle, Gent. (mother of the famous Major Richard Creed, who attended King William in all his wars, and never more himself than when he looked an enemy in the face: at the glorious battle of Blenheim, 1704, he commanded one of those squadrons that began the attack; in two several charges he received no hurt, but in the third, many wounds, still valiantly fighting, he was shot through the head, and his dead body brought off by his brother, at the hazard of his own life;)
---The Baronetage of England. T. Wotton, 1771.

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CREED, ELIZABETH (1644?-1728), philanthropist; nee Pickering: married John Creed, of Oundle, 1668; gave free Instruction to girls in drawing and needlework; painted altar-pieces for churches near Oundle.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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