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About Saturday 10 December 1664

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"I hope to make a friend of him, being a worthy man."

When he does make a friend of him, he starts spelling his name properly in the diary, as 'Brouncker' instead of 'Brunkard' I often whether rhyming him with 'drunkard' is Sam's private joke to himself?

About Tuesday 6 December 1664

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From what I've seen in life, women, on average, are no more moral than men:
the two differences are men's physical strength, and the fact that, even today, men have more financial and wordly power to enable them to be exploiters, if they so choose. Also of course, women are literally left "holding the baby" after any dalliances.

In this light, it's interesting to compare and contrast the careers of two siblings, near contemporaries of Pepys, John and Arabella Churchill, both of whom prostituted themselves: the former to Lady Castlemaine, and the latter to James II.

To be fair to Charles II, he did acknowledge John Churchill's "double bastard" by Castlemaine, even though he almost certainly knew she wasn't his!,_1...

About Sunday 4 December 1664

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brian the wolf - I suspect that Sam's workaholic attitude is common amongst those of humbler origin on the rise/make, eg Wolsey, Thomas Cromwell, Sir Edward Coke, or even Robert Hooke.

Also, second tier aristocrats like Sir William Coventry were sometimes workaholic too. Sam's respect for him was such that, at risk to his own position, he visited Coventry when he was confined to the Tower in disgrace.

About Wednesday 30 November 1664

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I've posted this before I think, but I'm going to indulge myself: 😈

Two quatrains by William Blake, put together by Dante Gabriel Rossetti:


Since all the riches of this world
May be gifts from the devil and earthly kings,
I should suspect that I worshipped the devil
If I thanked my God for worldly things.

The countless gold of a merry heart,
The rubies and pearls of a loving eye,
The idle man never can bring to the mart
Nor the cunning hoard up in his treasury.

About Wednesday 23 November 1664

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"Surely there's no parent here who never thought for a second in his or her heart of hearts...$#@%&^! $5000 for that damned kid's tonsilectomy (or whatever)?"

In Britain we still have a National Health Service (despite the efforts of our Govt to wreck it), so thoughts of that nature do not arise.