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About Wednesday 14 September 1664

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Thank you Louse :)

Also for the record, it's worth noting that the Quaker Oats Company has never had any connection whatsoever with the Religious Society of Friends. The brand was trademarked in 1877 by one Henry D. Seymour, who had read an encyclopaedia article about Quakers.

Given that the company has been involved in very un-Quakerish enterprises, such as arms manufacture, Friends strongly dislike their enforced association with the brand. Having had a Quaker upbringing myself, I can confirm this from personal experience.

About Tuesday 13 September 1664

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Aphra Behn was a remarkable woman in many ways: traveller, spy, playwright novelist and poet.

My favourite poem of hers is 'The Libertine'

A THOUSAND martyrs I have made,
All sacrificed to my desire,
A thousand beauties have betray'd
That languish in resistless fire:
The untamed heart to hand I brought,
And fix'd the wild and wand'ring thought.

I never vow'd nor sigh'd in vain,
But both, tho' false, were well received;
The fair are pleased to give us pain,
And what they wish is soon believed:
And tho' I talk'd of wounds and smart,
Love's pleasures only touch'd my heart.

Alone the glory and the spoil
I always laughing bore away;
The triumphs without pain or toil,
Without the hell the heaven of joy;
And while I thus at random rove
Despise the fools that whine for love.

She was criticised in her lifetime for her "masculine" style; I think she was describing herself: Aphra was an alpha female!
(I find the Lely portrait unconvincing: it looks like just another Stuart belle to me; the others seem much more in tune with what we know of her ...)

About Thursday 8 September 1664

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Damn! There's always a sensible explanation :(

I had visions of a "decayed merchant" zombie Mr Mercer, limbering through Crutched Friars & Hart Street at night, attacking the unwary and eating their brains ...

About Thursday 1 September 1664

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Funnily enough Louise, I haven't heard "scrod" used up north.

Many northerners are perfectly genteel of course. I remember a colleague of mine in Peterlee (Geordie-ish) who crossly told another colleague "Thoo gan 'n see a taxidoermist!"

Chocolate Cherry Cake recipe:

200g flour
1 level tsp baking powder
200g salted butter
200g dark muscovado sugar
4 eggs
150g rich 70%+ chocolate, broken into pieces
2 liquidised bananas
450 g chopped morello glacé cherries, soaked in rum/sherry for 24 hours

Blend in food processor, then add and mix cherries by hand.

Makes ane 7” round cake & a taster
bake for 3 (ish) hours in greased GP-paper lined tin @ 300 Farenheit

Decorate with chocolate icing and M&Ms

Eat cold or warm with cream.