Thursday 27 May 1669

At the office all the morning, dined at home, Mr. Hollier with me. Presented this day by Mr. Browne with a book of drawing by him, lately printed, which cost me 20s. to him. In the afternoon to the Temple, to meet with Auditor Aldworth about my interest account, but failed meeting him. To visit my cozen Creed, and found her ill at home, being with child, and looks poorly. Thence to her husband, at Gresham College, upon some occasions of Tangier; and so home, with Sir John Bankes with me, to Mark Lane.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

The Royal Society today at Arundel House — from the Hooke Folio Online

May. 27. the Curator produced again his magneticall watch with a minute hand vpon it, being tryed it was found ^ /not/ to goe very iust. the cause of which fault was conceiued might be in the pinion that carryed the Hand, orderd that care be taken to amend this fault. ----

Mr. Oldenburg produced & read a Letter written to him from Paris by Mor. Huygens Dated may 29. 1669 (St. N) and conteining his opinion concerning Mr. Hooks new way of mouing great pendulums with the force of a small pocket watch. as also his offer of Communicating to the Society a new way of his own contrivance to print things written and Geometricall figures with Little cost and great speed of which he sent along with this Letter a specimen. [query this Letter in the Letter book]…

Glyn  •  Link

Dodie has also taken some great photos of the event. Go to Dodie Buchanan's page on Facebook and click on 'Photos' in the left hand column which will then display the album. Click on that to get all the photos.

Here's one of them:

What an attractive set of people! I'm not in the photo by the way :-)

Is Pepys doing all of this travelling as a means to show off that he has a coach, or is he walking?

Robert Gertz  •  Link

I wonder if John Fritz von Creed und Montague likes that "cousin" bit. Not to mention Lord Sandwich...Considering it wasn't so long ago "cousin" Ed was writing notes like "To my servant, Samuel Pepys..."

Jesse  •  Link

"visit my cozen Creed"

No longer a Pickering, cousin is certainly the better part of Creed. Pepys is essentially 'servant' to the DoY now. No relation of course but none now needed.

Ramona in Idaho  •  Link

We've just returned home from our place in the mountains as it is Memorial Weekend here, but, oh,
what fun to see your photos! I have my nose
pressed up to the window and wishing I were feasting
with all of you. Thank you Glyn, Dotie and all.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

It is quite a mountain our boy has climbed from running errands for Montague and fretting about coming up with the rent and that my Lord will be angry...Now he can confidently claim his cousinship to the family. And of course even better he stood by Jamie and poor Sandwich until and after each met their separate fates. Certainly I doubt Lady Jemina would have much trouble with "cousin" Samuel...Though I still think Ed might chaff a bit, proud as he might be of his protege.

Andrew Hamilton  •  Link

May 27, 2012. The Lord's Day. Up betimes and having attended to some papers at the office I off to Christ Church, Georgetown, where the assistant rector did give a useful sermon addressed to the parish children, explaining why the vestments and altar cloths were red, it being Pentecost, which, as he explained, meant the 50th day after Easter. Sam's own Pentecost for the year 1669 will come, I estimate, on May 30. At the offertory today the choir sang "If ye love me, keep my commandments," by Thomas Tallis, set to the text of John 14:14-17 and sung most excellently well, and it pleased me to imagine that Sam knew and approved of this music. Here it is being performed for Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Pope Benedict XVI at Westminster Abbey on Sept. 17, 2010:…

What Sam would have exclaimed upon seeing the Pope in Westminster Abbey is a most interesting question

JWB  •  Link

What Elizabeth would have exclaimed upon receiving the news of the Pope's butler is...

George Tyler  •  Link

I really miss my daily dose of seventeenth century life in London and have serious withdrwal symptoms.

I think I will have to start again.


Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"In the afternoon to the Temple, to meet with Auditor Aldworth about my interest accounts."

L&M: For Tangier.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Cosmo, the future Grand Duke of Turin, visited London in the Spring of 1669. This is his entry for today.

I've standardized the spelling of names I know, corrected scanning errors I could figure out, and increased the number of paragraphs. Sometimes I got confused making the N.S./O.S. date conversions, so I apologize if they are wrong:

The following day, which was 27 May/6 June, 1669, his highness, induced by the beauty of the season, resolved to go to Chatham, to see the place where several ships were burnt during the last war by the Dutch; and where one in particular, the Royal Charles, was captured and carried into Helvoetsluys, at which place it was seen by his highness the year before, when he was on his tour in Zealand and Brabant.

Taking with him the gentlemen of his train and Colonel Gascoyne, and such as were necessary for his personal attendance, and leaving the rest in London, he travelled on this occasion with great speed, that he might have time for satisfying his curiosity with ease and convenience.

The country through which he passed was very beautiful, having a continued appearance of fertility as far as Deptford, 4 miles from London.

A more diversified tract then succeeds as you travel to Rochester, which is 30 miles distant from London.

For his visit to CHATHAM see…

Then he went to ROCHESTER, see…
for the end of the day.



His highness, Cosmo, must be considered only as a traveler. Under his direction, the narrator of the records was Count Lorenzo Magalotti, afterwards Secretary to the Academy del Cimento, and one of the most learned and eminent characters of the court of Ferdinand II.

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