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"... The commisioners that were sworn in by Mr. Creed, who I [Sam] perceive is to be our Secretary..."= "...the Duke of York, Prince Rupert, Duke of Albemarle, my Lord Sandwich, Sir Wm. Compton, Mr. Coventry, Sir J. Minnes, Sir R. Ford, Sir W. Rider, myself, and Captain Cuttance,..." http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1…

Second Reading

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According to this Masonic history site:

"Because this linkage of Jews and Freemasons would prove so controversial and volatile, it is important to examine the Stuart context that fueled the rumors and the reality. Although the question of Stuart sympathy for Catholicism was the burning public issue of the latter part of Charles II's reign, it was intrinsically linked with less known but broader issues of tolerance that would eventually define the "modern" Masonic theme of universal brotherhood. In the Stuart Temple of Wisdom, not only Protestants and Catholics, but Jews and Moslems, would be welcomed as comrades in chivalric fraternity.

"In Tangier, the projected gateway to the Levant, the governors' cooperation with Jewish interpreters was crucial to completion of the great Mole and stone forts, projects of continuing interest to Sir Robert Moray and Christopher Wren."

The "completion" of the Mole is key to this entry. Certainly at the time of agreeing to build the Mole in 1663, Pepys makes no mention of Wren and Moray, and presumably doesn't know them yet. And Charles II's interest in the Jews hasn't been mentioned in any of the annotations on religion and the implementation of the Book of Common Prayer, even though 1666 was only three years away and Millennialism was alive and well in England.

Perhaps I just haven't read enough of the Dairy yet ...

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OOOppps ... "Perhaps I just haven't read enough of the Dairy yet ..." that should be DIARY of course!

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