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Trice, Jasper and Thomas.
Sons of Richard Trice of Brampton, who died c. 1628 and whose widow married Pepys's uncle Robert Pepys in 1630. They brought an action in Chancery about the payments due to Robert's widow after his death, but accepted an out-of-court settlement in Nov. 1663. Thomas was a civil lawyer and public notary practising in Doctors' Commons: he took the lead in the litigation. Despite their differences, Pepys employed him in the settlement of his brother Tom's estate. Jasper, the elder brother (admitted to the Middle Temple in 1636) lived in the family house at Brampton -- a roomy one taxed on nine hearths -- until 1667 when he moved to Offord to board with a brother-in-law. He was married three times, and was buried at Brampton in 1675.

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