Saturday 18 January 1661/62

This morning I went to Dr. Williams, and there he told me how T. Trice had spoke to him about getting me to meet that our difference might be made up between us by ourselves, which I am glad of, and have appointed Monday next to be the day. Thence to the Wardrobe, and there hearing it would be late before they went to dinner, I went and spent some time in Paul’s Churchyard among some books, and then returned thither, and there dined with my Lady and Sir H. Wright and his lady, all glad of yesterday’s mistake, and after dinner to the office, and then home and wrote letters by the post to my father, and by and by comes Mr. Moore to give me an account how Mr. Montagu was gone away of a sudden with the fleet, in such haste that he hath left behind some servants, and many things of consequence; and among others, my Lord’s commission for Embassador. Whereupon he and I took coach, and to White Hall to my Lord’s lodgings, to have spoke with Mr. Ralph Montagu, his brother (and here we staid talking with Sarah and the old man); but by and by hearing that he was in Covent Garden, we went thither: and at my Lady Harvy’s, his sister, I spoke with him, and he tells me that the commission is not left behind. And so I went thence by the same coach (setting down Mr. Moore) home, and after having wrote a letter to my Lord at 12 o’clock at night by post I went to bed.

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RexLeo  •  Link

"...he tells me that the commission is not left behind."

One false news after another - Sam must be fed up by now.

Mary  •  Link

"wrote a letter..12 o'clock post"

Does this mean that someone (presumably Wayneman) was sent off to the post office at midnight with said letter? If not, why not wait till morning to write it? Although tomorrow is Sunday, a day when Sam does not usually engage in business, when matters are pressing he has been known to do some work on the Lord's Day.

vicenzo  •  Link

Just a guess: letter is to travel by sea and must be ready for the skull at first tide, there be a Hoy departing to give last minute titbits the departing ships from whence they be a lying awaiting for a nice breeze .

Pedro.  •  Link

Meanwhile rumblings in Essex..

18: Heard my son Tho: was in the shop again die. 15. blessed be god for it, his illness a cold. heard from Mrs H. that she is married to one Colier who desires my friendship: friends are not hastily to be chosen. heard as if Spain, France. and Holland were combining against England. god can make use of adversaries to do his good.…

Terry Foreman  •  Link

" the commission is not left behind"

It was delivered to Sandwich, with his instructions, on 1 March: Sandwich, p. 123. (L&M note)

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