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Pepys and his wife lived at a house in Axe Yard in Westminster, just south of modern day Downing Street, from August 1658 to July 1660.

See here for general information about Axe Yard itself.

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Dave  •  Link

In August 1658 Pepys along with Elizabeth and their servant Jane Birch moved into Axe Yard. At first he could only afford to rent half the house - five rooms and a yard where he bred pigeons - and he still called it "my little house" even after taking over the other half.

Axe Yard was a cul-de-sac right in the heart of Westminster. There were 25 houses along the length of the Yard and the larger ones were owned by wealthy well connected families, it had a narrow entrance into King Street next to the Axe Tavern, and was only a short walk away from King Street gate into Whitehall Palace where he had been living in a single room in Edward Montagu's lodgings.
If you turned right on leaving Axe Yard, a short walk would bring you to Westminster Palace, Parliament and the offices of the Exchequer where he then worked under George Downing.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Samuel Hartlib, after his wife's Mary Burningham Hartlib’s death, went to live with his son Sam in Axe Yard, Westminster, as a neighbor of Samuel Pepys, who later recalled that he had been ‘much below Hartlibb in all respects’ before the Restoration (Pepys, 5.30).

Samuel Hartlib had a stroke towards the end of 1660.
A household fire in 1662 destroyed some of Samuel Hartlib’s papers.
Samuel Hartlib died on Monday, 10 March, 1662 in Axe Yard, where he had been living since 1658.

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