Friday 31 August 1660

Early to wait upon my Lord at White Hall, and with him to the Duke’s chamber. So to my office in Seething Lane. Dined at home, and after dinner to my Lord again, who told me that he is ordered to go suddenly to sea, and did give me some orders to be drawing up against his going. This afternoon I agreed to let my house quite out of my hands to Mr. Dalton (one of the wine sellers to the King, with whom I had drunk in the old wine cellar two or three times) for 41l. At night made even at Privy Seal for this month against tomorrow to give up possession, but we know not to whom, though we most favour Mr. Bickerstaffe, with whom and Mr. Matthews we drank late after office was done at the Sun, discoursing what to do about it tomorrow against Baron, and so home and to bed. Blessed be God all things continue well with and for me. I pray God fit me for a change of my fortune.

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chip  •  Link

L&M say Sandwich sailed from the Downs on 7 September to bring from Holland the King's sister, Mary (Princess Royal and Princess Dowager of Orange). Is that 41£ a year for renting the house? That’s roughly 3.4£ a month. Nothing like the Privy Seal, what is Pepys to do? And more importantly, where will he rendevous with Betty? No hotels yet. He sounds a bit wistful, ‘agreed to let my house quite out of my hands’. He invokes God at the end, perhaps because it is 31 August and 8 months of diary are now behind. Or, because, per L&M’s last note, today’s entry is followed by a long oblique line and sixteen blank pages.

Brian G McMUllen  •  Link

Back on August 2nd SP calculated the Axe Yard expense:

"I went and cast up the expense that I laid out upon my former house (because there are so many that are desirous of it, and I am, in my mind, loth to let it go out of my hands, for fear of a turn). I find my layings-out to come to about 20l., which with my fine will come to about 22l. to him that shall hire my house of me"

Sounds like there is a decent profit in the rent he is charging.

Alan Bedford  •  Link

"I pray God fit me for a change of my fortune."

I continue to be fascinated that Sam remains so unsure of his position. To some extent I can underatand it, in that he has progressed rapidly from Montagu's household manager to Clerk of the Acts and Montagu's representative at the Privy Seal office. But he seems unwilling or unable to enjoy his elevation, and lives in expectation of losing his position.

Paul Brewster  •  Link

"I pray God fit me for a change of my fortune."
Not to spoil the plot but I think we’ll see a reason for his unease in tomorrow’s entry.

When you serve at the pleasure of the king …

Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

This may be a spoiler, but today in Lords: Message from the King, concerning a Recess.…

The Lord Chancellor acquainted the House with a Message he was commanded to deliver to their Lordships from the King; which his Lordship read, as followeth:

"Charles R.

"His Majesty being frequently desired, by several Members of the House of Peers, to dispense with their Absence from the Service of the House, and to give them Leave to go into the Country for their Healths and their Affairs; and finding that the Circuits will carry very many of the Members of the House of Commons in their several Countries, where (He doubts not) they will much advance His Majesty's Service, and the Peace of the Kingdom; and the House of Commons having, by their Speaker, desired His Majesty's Leave to go into the Country: His Majesty is graciously pleased that both Houses shall have a Recess upon Saturday the Eight of the next Month, in which Time He doubts not but Care will be taken for the raising such Money as shall be necessary for the Payment of the Debts of the Navy, disbanding the Army, and supporting them till they shall be disbanded; which His Majesty desires as much as any Man. And His Majesty intends that both Houses shall meet again upon Tuesday the Sixth of November next.

"Whitehall, this 31th of August, 1660."

Dick Wilson  •  Link

Who will go to sea with Sandwich? Creed? Perhaps Sam should nominate Will Hewer to accompany Sandwich as his Secretary at Sea, just to keep the patronage close to home.

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