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About Wednesday 1 March 1664/65

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San Diego Sarah:
The forty shillings were only for Sam's admission into the society.
They were not to be confused with the twenty pounds that Sam gave Elizabeth for Easter clothes.
Apples and oranges.
Btw, CGS, when I was a teacher in Louisiana in 1962 I made $300/mo.

About Sunday 11 December 1664

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I am indebted to this blog for acquainting me with many arcane bits of knowledge, but two of the most remarkable are William Petty as inventor of the first (European) catamaran and the remarkable Samuel Morland for inventing what could be called the first internal combustion engine, not to mention a lot of efficient pumps (very important to residents of New Orleans like me).

PS. Oz Susan.
Shouldn't the past tense of 'chide' be 'chid'? Or has 'chide' gone weak like 'plead' -- the current preferred past tense of which (in the U.S.) is no longer 'pled' but the awful 'pleaded.' Have lawyers become too weak-minded to learn strong verbs?

About Monday 14 November 1664

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Shakespeare seems to have had intimate awareness of what it's like to contemplate dying in a storm at sea and hitting the bottom as a somehow-sentient corpse. I've read an interesting argument that he traveled to the Dark Lady's home village and church in Italy, necessarily on a ship at least part of the way. I do wonder.

About Tuesday 4 November 1662

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Re both Penn and Pepys finding common cause in being vexed by Minnes's "high" and "base" actions, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."