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About Wednesday 1 November 1665

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Sam certainly is a lubber. This is the second instance that I can recall of his ordering career watermen/sailors, who know much more about foul-weather sailing than he does, to douse sail.

About Thursday 8 June 1665

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I am in Amsterdam at present and spent the morning at the National Maritime Museum. The collection of paintings, some of them enormous, of famous battles in the Age of Fighting Sail is truly awe-inspiring, as is the full-size replica of an East Indiaman that a visitor can marvel at and wander through. All of it reminds of Pepys. Highly recommended.

About Saturday 20 May 1665

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I agree with Oz Susan. Enquiring minds want to know what Elizabeth, Mercer, and Mrs. Pepys Sr. are up to. Obviously, Sam is in denial and avoidance regarding them and their activities.

About Sunday 7 May 1665

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What a lot of commentary about copyright! This must have really hit a nerve among the scholarly commentators of this blog.
Everybody needs to wake up to the news that only librarians obsess over copyright in these days of photocopying, at-home printing of scanned works, etc.
Re music, I had an enormous fake book way back in the 1970s that I played from every day with great content. I doubt that any musician whose work was in that fake book would have given a tinker's dam about such use of their work.

About Tuesday 4 April 1665

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On the topic of spoken English v. the written language, Liza Pickard writes in *Restoration London* (p. 202) as follows:
"that mainstay of 'old-fashioned' English, the third person singular (he doth, she goeth), had disappeared from *spoken* English by 1653. 'Whensoever eth cometh in the end of any word, we may pronounce it sometimes like S and sometimes like Z.' "
Pickard attributes this quote to R. Hodges, *True-Writing*, London, 1653.

About Wednesday 1 March 1664/65

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San Diego Sarah:
The forty shillings were only for Sam's admission into the society.
They were not to be confused with the twenty pounds that Sam gave Elizabeth for Easter clothes.
Apples and oranges.
Btw, CGS, when I was a teacher in Louisiana in 1962 I made $300/mo.