Friday 21 June 1661

This morning going to my father’s I met him, and so he and I went and drank our morning draft at the Samson in Paul’s Churchyard, and eat some gammon of bacon, &c., and then parted, having bought some green Say for curtains in my parler. Home, and so to the Exchequer, where I met with my uncle Wight, and home with him to dinner, where among others (my aunt being out of town), Mr. Norbury and I did discourse of his wife’s house and land at Brampton, which I find too much for me to buy.

Home, and in the afternoon to the office, and much pleased at night to see my house begin to be clean after all the dirt.

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vicente  •  Link

How disappointing. To buy then, you doth need that old fuddy duddy stuff called coin of the realm."...which I find too much for me to buy..."

daniel  •  Link

I suppose Sam can't have a fascinating day every day!

Ruben  •  Link

Lets make the most from this small entry by SP:
SP went with his father ( a tailor and as such an expert in fabrics)to Paul's Churchyard. Together they went to see “home textiles”, may be at the stand or shop of one Thomas Nevill, draper. Thomas was probably an acquaintance or friend of Papa, so …he bougth this especially imported Say curtains for the newly painted “parler” for have the price…
May be SP did not pay at all, but it was Papa’s present, cause lately SP enlisted him to work for the rich…

Mary  •  Link

Employment for Pepys Senior?

Sam's father has not gained employment at The Wardrobe. Sam has simply been promised that, if and when Mr. Young dies, then Pepys Sr. will be given first refusal of his position.

Ruben  •  Link

Pay first, then, may be, receive the perk...? sounds better?
May be some captains decided that it was good sense to make their uniforms at SP's Papa...?
Still, I am just fantasizing to fill the blanks.
About the future of THE Wardrobe,I know nothing and do not want to know. (well, I know some)

Sasha Clarkson  •  Link

The etymology of 'parlour' becomes obvious:

a room for talking - from the French verb parler (“to speak”).

Robin Peters  •  Link

Every mention of Brampton brings back memories from 1959 when I was a National Service RAF fireman there. Pitty I knew nothing of Mr Pepys then but am making up for it reading blog for second time through. Many thanks to you Phil.

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