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About Sunday 19 August 1666

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" Aaaarrrggghhh! The forerunner of countless evenings of boredom beyond belief of that curse of the 20th century - the Holiday Slide Show:"
Now things have progressed further and we have to wade through holiday snaps on Facebook ETC.

About Tuesday 8 April 1662

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"but I cannot down with their dull company" I initially read this as "own with" ; just one letter too many in transcription perhaps.

About Thursday 21 November 1661

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Interesting change of name for Vincente. As a reader on a daily basis for a second time I remember his changes in the past. The name changed but the style remained. Is it OK to ask if the old fella is still with us and maybe lurking somewhere?

About Friday 21 June 1661

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Every mention of Brampton brings back memories from 1959 when I was a National Service RAF fireman there. Pitty I knew nothing of Mr Pepys then but am making up for it reading blog for second time through. Many thanks to you Phil.

About Saturday 4 May 1661

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Both the George Abbot School and Hospital are still very much present in Guildford town to this day. The Red Lion is still there as is the one in Godalming but the next one, at Milford has recently been turned into a mini supermarket and the one at Thursley, at the foot of Hindhead went several years ago.

About Tuesday 30 April 1661

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I see my annotation from ten years ago (then as George). I was so pleased when the diary came round again and is still my first read every morning, thank you Phil. The road to Portsmouth is still further improved with a new tunnel under Hindhead but parts of the old route across the common at Milford, beside the modern road, must be very similar to Sam's days.

About Tuesday 9 April 1661

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"having, among other things, the best hand that ever I saw." I read this as her handwriting being very neat.

About Tuesday 11 September 1660

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Mark has a point there. I spent several years as a carpenter restoring Panelling in a large Tudor manor house, which entailed dis-assembling and rebuilding with new oak where it was too rotten. These panels came from various periods dating back to Tudor times. Many of the earliest showed signs of having been painted, with paint residue in the grooves, and then stripped and stained. I was told that this was thought to have been common practice and the vogue for dark panelling was a later fashion. The new parts of the restored panels were carefully stained and then polished to match the existing.

About Wednesday 29 August 1660

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"To bed, and caused the boy’s clothes to be brought up to my chamber."
Was this because the boy's clothes were supplied by the master and would be kept back if he was dismissed? or just to stop him doing a runner with his ill gotten goods?

About Sunday 8 April 1660

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Slightly off topic. How much more I am enjoying the annotations this second time round. Do I detect the first change in a familiar name? now "vincent" and is he still with us in 2013?