Thursday 20 June 1661

At home the greatest part of the day to see my workmen make an end, which this night they did to my great content.

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A. De Araujo  •  Link

"to see my workmen make an end" I think they were goofing off because it took them so long! after all they were just painting these stairs!...

dirk  •  Link

"see my workmen make an end
which they did to my great content"

Sounds almost like a poem. Which I'm sure was unintentional.

daniel  •  Link


dirk  •  Link

almost the shortest diary entry so far...

If I'm correct only the entry for Tuesday 18 December 1660 was shorter.

vicente  •  Link

"...they did to my great content...." not a splash to be scene. After three days work?
"vexing about the delay of my painters"

It belies the latin sayin'."Inter dominum et servum nulla amicitia est"

There is no friendship between the master and the slave. Or just a case of
"alls well that ends well." from the Bard.

vicente  •  Link

"All day at home, without stirring at all, looking after my workmen." 18th.
he does find watching the Hired Help time consuming.

A. Hamilton  •  Link

No wonder he's become the most negligent man in the world as to matters of news -- and not even a "so to bed" to frame his days. The cares of domestic life.

andy  •  Link

I agree with Sam, it's good to get your house back when the painters have gone. It reminds me of the time when we hired painters to do the stairwell because the alternative was for me to balance on a plank between a stepladder and stairs at different heights whilst wielding a paintbrush - no thanks! Anyhow the professional finish was better. If Sam had had D-I-Y stores in his day I bet he wouldn't have used them either.

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