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Third Reading

About Saturday 4 April 1663

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The link that San Diego Sarah posted to "The Supersizers Go... Restoration" has been blocked.

Here's an updated link to the whole show (not just part 1)…


The Supersizers Go... Restoration

BBC 2 Series in which restaurant critic Giles Coren and writer and comedian Sue Perkins experience the food culture of years gone by.

This time the pair try the food of Restoration Britain in the 1660s, a time of fire and plague. They both don wigs, with Giles in tight breeches and Sue in wide skirts. They snack on coxcombs, eel pie and copious amounts of small beer.

About Sunday 22 March 1662/63

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> "while I went to the church expecting to see the young ladies of the school, Ashwell desiring me"

I read this as:
while I attempted to visit the church to see the schoolgirls, as Ashwell had suggested…

> L&M note in part: "Henry Cromwell...cousin of the Protector, but a royalist, changed his surname...and adopted that of his early [16th c] ancestor, Richard Williams...."

According to the encyclopedia page, Henry Cromwell was the fourth son of Oliver Cromwell, not cousin.…

About Sunday 2 November 1662

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Having read a little further, there seems to be evidence in this entry:…

"She [Elizabeth] now read it, and it was so piquant, and wrote in English, and most of it true, of the retiredness of her life, and how unpleasant it was;"

The fact that Elizabeth's letter was written in English is worthy of comment, makes one think that she could speak a second language, i.e. French.

About Saturday 3 January 1662/63

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> Having nothing now in my mind of trouble in the world, but quite the contrary, much joy, except only the ending of our difference with my uncle Thomas, and the getting of the bills well over for my building of my house here, which however are as small and less than any of the others.

Louise Hudson said: "I take that to mean less than any of the other bills he has to pay."

Another interpretation is that his concerns are minor compared to those of others. To reinforce this point, he then records that Sir W. Penn is "fallen very ill again".

About Tuesday 25 November 1662

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A SFW version of Dirk's "Failed Armageddon Predictions" on the Wayback machine:…

@San Diego Sarah: it's realtively straight-forward.
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About Sunday 2 November 1662

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Pauline wrote: "They (Samuel & Elizabeth) have been enjoying each other's company these days; and reading together, with her spoken French and his book-learnt French, sounds an enjoyable translation and reading exercise."

Is there any evidence that Elizabeth actually spoke French? Her father came to England ca. 1625 and Elizabeth was born in Devon in 1640. Her mother also appears to have been English.