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Third Reading

About Monday 3 February 1661/62

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361 years later, here I am wondering what on earth the Battens' pie looked like. And annoyingly, I am 18 years too late to see Wim's visualization (which seems to have hit the mark).

About Saturday 1 February 1661/62

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I've been playing around with ChatGPT and asked it to explain the following sentence from today's entry.

> express is come from my Lord with letters, that by a great storm and tempest the mole of Argier is broken down, and many of their ships sunk into the mole.

This is what it came up with:

> The sentence is saying that an express message has arrived from someone referred to as "my Lord" with letters, reporting that a severe storm and tempest caused the mole (a breakwater or pier) in the port of Algiers to break down, and that as a result, many ships have sunk into the mole. In other words, the message is relaying news that the storm has caused significant damage to the port infrastructure in Algiers, and that many ships have been lost as a result. The use of the phrase "God Almighty hath now ended that unlucky business for us" suggests that the author of the text views this news as positive and that the destruction of the mole may have been seen as a positive outcome for their interests or plans.

You can carry on chatting with the bot and ask it questions about Algiers, piracy at the time, moles, why this was good news, or whatever else comes to mind.

About Friday 10 January 1661/62

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Second Reading

About Friday 15 November 1661

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"He [Sam] seems to be someone who has the normal feeling for animals."

Not too sure about that (depends what you mean by "normal" I guess). But remember what he did to the monkey when he found it loose.

"At home found all well, but the monkey loose, which did anger me, and so I did strike her till she was almost dead..."…