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Slide rule

“Based on John Napier’s principle of the logarithm, it came into use after Edmund Gunter created a logarithmic scale in 1620. Gunter’s rule consisted of a straight line on which numbers were spaced at intervals proportional to their common logarithms. Using this scale, William Oughtred and Edmund Wingate developed independently (c.1630) the first slide rules.”


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A slide-rule's initial value for Pepys is indicated by this descriptive title:

Everard, Thomas. "Stereometry, Or, The Art of Gauging Made easie by the Help of a New Sliding-Rule Which Shews the Area's of Circles in Gallons and Barrels and the Square and Cube-Root of any Number under 100,000 by inspection; and also Resolves Many other Arithmetical Problems Without Pen or Compasses: With an Appendix of Conick Sections, in Which the Nature and Original of Several Solids (frequently mentioned in Books of Gauging) is Explained, and their Magnitudes Compared." London: Peacock, 1689.

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L&M says that Pepys designed his own slide-rule for the measure of Timbers and it be made by Brown [7 Aug '63]

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