Both the previous posts about end-of-diary events in London and Massachusetts have been updated, so I thought it might be worth highlighting those here.

The London event on 26th May (now a guided walk followed by lunch) is now full. After a few weeks it seemed like interest was tailing off so I arranged with a guide to take us on a Pepys-oriented walk. He, understandably, has a limit of 20 people, which seemed like more than enough.

Since then a few other people have enquired and we’ve now reached the limit (with a few already on the waiting list). So I’m very sorry if you were interested in coming but haven’t yet got in touch with me.

The Massachusetts event on 13th May has had to change location due to Mothers’ Day filling up the original venue. If you’re planning on going, please email for more details, or to confirm.


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Mary  •  Link


Yes, I'm one of those who had wanted to come along but couldn't make the original programme of walk+dinner and hadn't noticed the change to walk+lunch. I quite appreciate that the guided tour is now full, but would it be feasible to give the name of the chosen restaurant/pub so that 'extras' like me might be able to drop in on a casual basis, so to speak, during lunch?

Phil Gyford  •  Link

To be honest, I don't know. I need to find somewhere convenient and suitable that can accomodate 20 people for lunch on a Saturday first.

Andrew Hamilton  •  Link


I cannot recall whether I have previously gotten in touch with you about May 26. Am I on your list?


Phil Gyford  •  Link

No Andrew, I'm afraid I didn't hear from you, sorry.

Pauline  •  Link

Dear Phil, would love to be in London for this, but not possible. Any word from Michael Vincent, aka many Latin takes on 'a grain of salt,' etc.?

Phil Gyford  •  Link

I haven't heard anything Pauline, no.

jeannine  •  Link

Greetings from our "Grain of Salt"

Pauline & all.. I have heard from Michael Vincent, who is well, but has taken a break from annotating to care for his wife. He asked me to thank every one for their contribution to making the site so memorable for all. He also noted, as I am sure that we all agree, that Phil does deserve to be rewarded for his endeavours to help us understand the world of CII, the world of horse racing and lap dogs....Our Grain of Salt is lurking around the Diary as he is able and gives his best to all.

john  •  Link

Methinks that many readers will be with you in spirit. A few thousand km and several commitments separate me from the venues, alas.

Nevertheless, I will raise a glass to all and especially you, Phil, on May 26th during lunch (taking time zones into account). Thank you for everything.

Joanne May  •  Link

So sorry to have missed the call for takers for the day. I had put the date in my diary in January. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Please add my name to the reserves, in case of cancellations.

thank you again for hosting this marvellous site.

Stan Oram  •  Link

I'm not on your list but would it not be possible to have an overflow event, either in the city or even at Kew, just so that people could meet people. Or we could possibly meet at the city of London Museum and then go on to one of the pubs Sam frequented for a drop in lunch. There are so many commentators that I would like to meet and I'm sure others will feel the same - it would be a shame not to make the most of this unique event.

Phil Gyford  •  Link

Stan, I'm afraid I won't be organising any other events, sorry. If anyone else would like to then I'm happy to post an announcement on the site for them.

GrahamT  •  Link

I would like to thank you for organising today's events. My wife and I really enjoyed both the walk and lunch, and meeting some other Pepysians.
Thank you also to Peter for putting into eloquent words what we all felt.
Thank you.

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