As we approach the end of the diary there’s a chance this site will attract some publicity. I’m not going out of my way to get lots of coverage, but then I didn’t when the site started and there was quite a bit! I mention this because if there is publicity then we will have many more visitors to our friendly part of the web.

If this happens there might be more annotations, more often-answered questions asked, more off-topic chatter… After all this time it might feel like our little home is suddenly swamped with strangers. I’m sure you’ll all be helpful where appropriate — this is more a warning that we might feel a bit overwhelmed by interlopers.

Hopefully, it’ll all be fine and there’ll be nothing to worry about, but I didn’t want any regulars — whether frequent annotators or long-time lurkers — to be surprised and annoyed by a rush of people who haven’t been following Sam’s journey for months or years. Be patient, and remember it’s their loss that they’ve only just arrived!

Also don’t forget the Pepys’ Diary group on Yahoo should you need to discuss anything slightly more off-topic or away from the crowds. I hope you all enjoy the final stretch.

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Timothy Mason  •  Link


I cannot fully express my gratitude to you for all your work. You created something which has been an important part of my daily life for years now. You (and Sam, of course) have expanded and enriched my world.

Thank you.

Timothy Mason
New York City

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