As mentioned late last year we are planning to round off our journey through the diary with a small celebration in London on Saturday 26th May 2012. It’s only a couple of months away, so I’d like to get some idea of how many people will be coming.

(UPDATE: Places are limited to 20 on the walk and we currently have that number of people confirmed. If you still want to come, let me know, but I’m afraid you’ll be on the waiting list. 18 Apr 2012.)

So, if you’re planning on being around on that day, please do email me and let me know how many of you there are.

My vague plans so far are for a walk around the City area of London for probably a couple of hours in the afternoon, followed by dinner somewhere in the early evening. These plans might change, but we’ll definitely be doing something on that day — I’ll confirm plans when I get a better idea of roughly how many people will be there.

I’m going to see if there’s anyone who could do a good guided Pepys walk (let me know if you have ideas) or, if I do a bit of preparation, we could probably manage our own! If I go for the former option there may be a small charge involved to pay the guide.

Anyway, let me know if you’re coming!

(If you have questions about what happens on this site after the end of the diary please see this post.)


First Reading

DJC  •  Link

Yes I'd like to come, I am in London

Nate  •  Link

I sure would have liked to attend. I've got lots of miles to redeem but I've so far lost 4 weeks of work from broken bones and need to finish projects. I was last in London in 1958 for a couple of days but had very little money so didn't really see too much. Alas. I'll tip a glass to you all that day.

John Phillips  •  Link

Please count me in. If we had world enough and time I could take you to the site of the Bagwell's house and seductions which was then Flagon Row,Deptford(see Since though we won't you can view its location today via Google maps as Brig Mews,Deptford. (I'll be annotating as John of Deptford should I ever emerge from the lurkers compound)

John Phillips  •  Link

Sorry that should be McMillan Street not Brig Mews

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