Wednesday 13 December 1665

For Samuell Pepys Esqr.

One of the principall Officers

of his Majesties Navy

at the Navy Office in Greenewich

Sayes Court

13 December 16651


Being now willing to remove not onely the Prisoners out of the Golden-hand, and Prince William2 (according to the Command) but likewise to Cleere all the Shipps at once, that so you may be at full liberty for the future to dispose of them: I most humbly make it my request that you will facilitate the Worke by gratifying my Martial with your Warrant, impowering him to presse some tiltboate or other, as there shall be occasion, for the transporting them to Gravesend, in order to their march: This, Sir, if you shall do, you will much oblige


Your most humble Servant


My Martials name is Mr John Rowlandson

Martiall at Leeds-Castle. Kent

Be pleasd to send the Order to me by the Bearer hereoff.3

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