The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from:

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michael f vincent   Link to this

A nice picture of frigate off Gravesend 1600s?

other prints available at the National Maritime Museum

David Bell   Link to this

I'm afraid that the picture is roughly a hundred years too late. If you go the the small-image page (there's a link above the image) you get the info about the painting, and this one is tentatively dated to the 1750s. The style of the larger ship's stern is certainly not of the diary period. Neither is the artist.

A good site, though.

vincent   Link to this

Thanks David should have put on my specs (small screen)

Fritz Mills   Link to this

The link to the picture provided by Michael is broken, but here is a link to a picture of the arrival of Princess Mary at Gravesend, 12 February 1689:

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