Wednesday 31 January 1665/66

For Samuell Pepys Esqr:

One of the principall Officers

of his Majesties Navy,

at the Navy Office in Seething-Lane London

With a roll of paper

Sayes Court

31 January 16661


I do, according to your Commands, transmit you an hasty Draught of the Infirmary, and Project for Chatham2; the reasons, and advantages of it, which challenges your Promise of promoting it to the Use design’d: I am, my Selfe, convinc’d of the exceeding benefit it will every way afford us: If, upon examination of the Particulars, and your intercession, it shall merit a recommendation from the rest of the Principall Officers, I am very confident the effects will be fully answerable to the pretence of the Papers which I send to accompany it: In all Events, I have don my Endeavor; and, if upon what appeares even Demonstrable to me (not without some considerable Experience, and frequent Conference with our Officers, discreete, and sober Persons) I persist in my fondnesse to it, from a prospect of the many advantages would be reaped by setting it on foote; I beseech you to pardon the honest intentions, and to passe-by the Errors of

Sir, Your most obedient

and faithfull Servant


Sir, I must beg your excuse, if my desire to comply with your commands as soone as might be, and having severall avocations3, I could not delineate the Plot so accurately as I intended; but I hope it may suffice to explaine the Designe: neither had I one to write so fairely, as the paper inclosd in the rolle should have ben written:

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