Friday 29 September 1665

For my most honord Friend

Samuel Pepys Esqr

at the Navy-Office in Greenewich

Sayes Court

29 September 16651


This being but an iteration of what was Orderd on Thursday, when we were with his Grace2, I cannot divine how it comes to be repeated; But being told it was brought hither by two Captaines (in my absence this day at Erith)3 who it seemes applyed them selves to my Lord for the conveying of their Sick-men (and indeede I have no quarters neerer then those places his Grace mentions Graves-end and Chatham being full) I suppose it was written to pacifie their importunity, and quicken the raising of the monyes to be assign’d me: There was a Copy of the letter, left at my house with it, which causes me to write thus confidently of the Contents: Sir, I am

Your most humble

and obedient Servant:


The bearer hereoff (one of our Chyrurgeons) whom I sent to see the state of our sick, will give you an account4 of the extreame misery of both our owne and Prisoners, for want of bread to preserve5 them perishing

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