Saturday 30 September 1665

For my honor’d Friend

Samuell Pepys Esqr at

the Navy Office or Else Where:1

For his Majesties Special Service

in all speede:

Sayes Court

30 September 16652


The inclos’d had kiss’d your hands before this3, had not the most infinite trouble of other dispatches in order to your Commands, hindred mee, and the present necessities of sending Orders to Woolwich and the places adjacent, for the Quartr[in]g of more Sick-men obtruded on us, but refuse to be entrtaind: I have sent for a Martiall to Chel[sea]4 to send downe to Erith, and thence to Graves-End for Guards for the prisoners, but I heare not yet of him; nor can I heare of Assistants that will undertake to gouverne that affaire, if he faile me from London; One of my men, this afternoone, desiring to be dismissd in regu[ar]d of the Contagion: I inclose you the letter[s?] you desird, and you must forgive the dissorderly writing, There is plainesse, and truth in the particulars, and I am not solicitous of any mans censure of the forme, when I discharge my Conscie[nce]5 I know I shall be thought impertinent, unlesse you back me with your attestation, and that with some zeale, which therefour I humbly supplicate of you: In the interim, I bes[eech]6 you not to look on me as sluggish in my station, or indiligent as far as my talent reaches; nor of so slavish and disingenuous a nature to be tyd to impossibility and servitude: I cannot do miracles, nor know I how to sell goods and treate with the Merchant7; but I can dispence such effects as shall be put into my hands for the discharge of what is intrustd to me; and if I should pretend to other excellences, it were to abuse you; But I am at all moments ready (in accknowledgme[n]ts of these deficiencys) to resigne the honor his Majestie has don me, to greate[r candi]date[s]8: I beseech you inter[pret]9 this to myne advantage10, who am


Your most obedient Servant:


10 o’clock11 at night

I have not eaten one bit of bread to-day.

Be pleasd to seale [this?]12 when perusd;

Look on Sir William Doolye last:


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