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William Finch  •  Link

I took a stroll from my office in the City of London at lunchtime today, and stumbled upon the gravestone of William White - Fishmonger and Citizen of London.

Is this known about ?

Pauline  •  Link

Is this known about ?

Any dates on the gravestone? Mary's husband William was a fishmonger.

Alan  •  Link

Is Aunt Wight (Mary, nee Kite) related Samuel Papys' mother Margaret #nee Kite#?

Mary  •  Link

Aunt Wight was not a Kite, but a Sutton.
She married John Pepys's half-brother, William Wight.

John Pepys mother, Mary Day, first married Thomas Pepys ("the Black") by whom she had 6 children, one of whom was Samuel's father, John. She subsequently married Rice Wight of Guildford, by whom she had William.

Phil Gyford  •  Link

The family tree is now corrected.

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

These annotations are totally confusing to me.

Is she Mary Sutton Wight or Mary Day Pepys Wight?
The family tree says Mary Sutton Wight.
And it shows 3 dead babies by 1664. Plus William in 1663, a live one.

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