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Pauline  •  Link

from L&M Companion

Michael Mitchel, son of Miles and Ann Mitchell, booksellers in Westminster Hall at whose stall Sam and Elizabeth rendezvoused, married Betty Howlett, whom Sam called his 'wife'. Betty was, in turn, daughter of Westminster Hall shopkeepers.

Second Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Michael Mitchell marries Betty Howlett in 1666, and they become the owners of the Old Swan tavern which is (conveniently) close to the steps to the Thames frequently used by Pepys to find a boatman.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

from L&M Companion – Lettice (Lissett) Howlett was sister of Samuel Pepys' mother. She married firstly, ____ Haines, and secondly ____ Howlett.

Lettice Kite Haines Howlett’s sisters = Margaret Kite Pepys (Sam's mom), Katherine Kite Fenner (married Thomas Fenner), and Ellen Kite (who appears to have been unmarried).

SO Betty Howlett Mitchell is Pepys’ cousin?

Or it Lettice young Betty's grandmother, in which she is Pepys' cousin-once-removed.

Yikes either way.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

I'm happy to say it isn't so, either way ... per Phil Gyford.

Lettice Kite Howlett is Pepys' aunt ... and Mrs. Howlett, Betty's mother, is no relation.

I am relieved.

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