Friday 17 July 1668

Up, and fitted myself to discourse before the Council about business of tickets. So to White Hall, where waited on the Duke of York, and then the Council about that business; and I did discourse to their liking, only was too high to assert that nothing could be invented to secure the King more in the business of tickets than there is; which the Duke of Buckingham did except against, and I could have answered, but forbore; but all liked very well. Thence home, and with my wife and Deb. to the King’s House to see a play revived called The ———, a sorry mean play, that vexed us to sit in so much heat of the weather to hear it. Thence to see Betty Michell newly lain in, and after a little stay we took water and to Spring Garden, and there walked, and supped, and staid late, and with much pleasure, and to bed. The weather excessive hot, so as we were forced to lie in two beds, and I only with a sheet and rug, which is colder than ever I remember I could bear.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

So...The various messages on Sam and Bess' sleeping arrangements continue with the suggestion that currently all has been rather well until tonight's heat enforced a separation. It is a pity though Sam doesn't give us much detail as to their conversations in bed...Which to my mind are the intimacy cement for many a marriage...Though generally the signs are favorable throughout the Diary "Lie long with pleasure talking to my wife...", etc. Would be neat to know if he frequently charmed her with a censored version of the Diary's day, that sort of thing.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"Up, and fitted myself to discourse before the Council about business of tickets."

L&M note, responding to parliamentary complaints about the use of tickets to pay seamen, on the 8th the Council had asked the Navy Board to dispense with the practice; on the 10th the Navy Board had replied with reasons why this was their sole recourse.

arby  •  Link

Interesting use of "colder", if I am understanding it correctly.

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