Saturday 22 May 1669

Dined at home, the rest of the whole day at office.

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jeannine  •  Link

Wow, I wonder if this is the shortest entry in the Diary?

Clement  •  Link

If he had added "God good in His manifold blessings," it could have been a John Evelyn diary entry.

Pauline  •  Link

Pray this doesn't begin a countdown, one less word a day until no word!
What would the last word be?

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Or if he had added “God good in His manifold blessings,” it could have been a Diary of Ralph Josselin entry.


Robert Watson  •  Link

This short entry makes me think of the shortest verse in The Bible. "Jesus wept."

Louise H  •  Link

A quiet day. Maybe an occasion to reminisce about favorite diary entries?

Hands down, mine is 9 January 1662/63, Such an astonishing range of emotions, astonishingly honestly laid out. Far better than fiction. Sam, I'll miss you!

Robert Gertz  •  Link

May 31, 1669


(Well it was good enough for Poldy Bloom, his spirit brother)

JWB  •  Link

That's girlie stuff Louise H. How about this:
"...that the Fanatiques were up in arms in the City. And so I rose and went forth; where in the street I found every body in arms at the doors. So I returned (though with no good courage at all, but that I might not seem to be afeared), and got my sword and pistol, which, however, I had no powder to charge; and went to the door..."

Ramona in Idaho  •  Link

It's hard to choose favorites but two of mine would be
his great feast for Lord Sandwich in January noble as any man need to have I think, at least all was done in the noblest manner that ever I had any, and I have rarely seen in my life better anywhere else."
And secondly, his incomparable address to Parliament
which brought tears of joy to my eyes for our boy.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

What are your favourite diary moments?

Phil has posted this:

As we approach the end of the diary it would be great to read what your favourite moments from the diary are. Any particular phrases or events that have stuck in your head? Any especially memorable descriptions? If it’s a brief snippet, post it in a comment below, with a link to the diary entry. If you have an entire entry that you want to share, just post a link to it and tell us why you love it.

Thanks to Pauline Benson on the discussion list for this idea!…

My hope is these nifty memories posted above will be reposted there.

Geoff Hallett  •  Link

Louise H- must have joined Diary just after this entry. It is quite incredible. I have printed a few favourites off in the past and so with this. The annotators contributions to it are remarkable in depth and understanding. Such contributions are what makes the forthcoming end of our journey so much the harder. Thanks to you all.

Linda F  •  Link

Louise, thank you for the link to this entry -- I well remembered it, but not the date. It was like tearing up her heart. Definitely the most vivid entry.

chris  •  Link

I cherish the memory of burying the cheese to protect it from the Great Fire

Craig Nicol  •  Link

Phil , I have read a shortened version of the diary and only caught up with you on line about 9 months ago , it has been fantastic and thank you for your dedication and hard work , sorry it is coming to end , hope to get up to St Olaves sometime this year , a word of caution to others, visited there last August but it was closed for the whole of the month .

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