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About Friday 1 June 1660

Neil Wallace  •  Link

Thank you Terry (and Samuel) for getting us going again on an informative, entertaining, and life-enhancing journey!

About Saturday 29 May 1669

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I hadn't twigged that Phil = languagehat before today.
Another great (though partial, I am afraid) read.
Big Thanks and a Big Please to keep your diary and annotations alive and ticking. Understandably a lot of work as you get on with your life, but would - a university, a research Foundation - host your site (I don't know what is involved!), and take over the mechanics of .. eg filtering out the spam annotators selling Hopi ear candles and worse?

About Saturday 22 May 1669

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Oh dear, seems like yesterday that the Diary finished for the first time. Second time round, I have been a more regular reader - one lockdown breakfast habit that stuck.
Now that we are at the Season Finale, here's hoping that Phil unveils a Third Series or I'll have to dust off my printed set.