Tuesday 19 January 1668/69

Up, and at the office all the morning. At noon eat a mouthful, and so with my wife to Madam Turner’s, and find her gone, but The. staid for us; and so to the King’s house, to see “Horace;” this the third day of its acting — a silly tragedy; but Lacy hath made a farce of several dances — between each act, one: but his words are but silly, and invention not extraordinary, as to the dances; only some Dutchmen come out of the mouth and tail of a Hamburgh sow. Thence, not much pleased with the play, set them at home in the Strand; and my wife and I home, and there to do a little business at the Office, and so home to supper and to bed.

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Jesse  •  Link

"some Dutchmen come out of the mouth and tail of a Hamburgh sow"

A "silly tragedy" indeed. Some sort of Trojan hog in the battle between the Horatii and the Curiatii? I'm guessing this is an unrelated inter-act amusement while the sets are being changed and the ladies visit the house of powder room.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

The stayed eh? Hmmn...

Take care, Sam...The's hinted at a certain disdain for Bess (the birdcage incident) and she always seems to be hanging around you when she visits. And if Bess wouldn't kill you, Jane Turner would.

Maybe those Dutchmen should bring along the English fleet through that sow...Har dee har har...

Robert Gertz  •  Link


"And they called it...Puppy lo...ve..."

"Shut up, Bess..."


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