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John Lacy (1622-1681), Playwright and actor. 1 portrait.

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Warrington has this: "Lacy had been brought up a dancingmaster. He afterwards procured a lieutenant's commission in the army, which he soon quitted for the stage, and was the author of four plays. He died 1681 and was buried in the churchyard of St. Martin-in-the-fields.

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John Lacy, The Restoration Drama
Dramatic Works:

"The Dumb Lady, or the Farrier Made Physician. A comedy. 1672.

The Old Troop, or Monsieur Ragout. A comedy acted at the Theatre Royal, 1672, 1698.

Sir Hercules Buffoon, or the Poetical Squire. A comedy acted at the Duke

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According to L&M an Actor who specialised in Accents, played Teague in yesterdays [12 june] play

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