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About Saturday 20 January 1665/66

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Phil C., methinks the point is: "and to be kept from my fellows in the office longer than was fit". He made his boss look bad in public and so his ears were boxed. Being made to look bad in public by a servant was not desirable.

About Friday 5 January 1665/66

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Though rat fleas are commonly thought to be the vector, recent research suggests that inter-personal contact was the main plague vector. (Chapt. 8 "Plagues in London in the 17th century" in Scott and Duncan, "Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historical Populations", CUP 2001.)

About Sunday 31 December 1665

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If only I could summarise the year as well as our Pepys. Time to dust off the next volume of L&M, place it on my desk, and put back the current one. This time around, I read the L&M version first and then read the wonderful annotations.

And, indeed, best wishes to all for the new year.

About Friday 22 December 1665

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Continuing on the jade theme, (OED 2nd ed.):

jade, n.1 (dʒeɪd) Also Sc. 8 jad, 9 jaud.
[Of unknown origin; often assumed to be a doublet of yaud (Icel. jalda mare), but app. without reason.]
2. A term of reprobation applied to a woman. Also used playfully, like hussy or minx.
[1560 first entry of use ...] 1668 Pepys Diary 14 Jan., [Mrs] Pierce says she [Miss Davis] is a most homely jade as ever she saw.

About Thursday 21 December 1665

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On my first round through the diary, I was appalled at Pepys's behaviour. On this second round, I observe without judgement.

About Sunday 26 November 1665

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Comments on frosting: Nowadays, there are many options (as a quick google of "winter horseshoe options" will show). Of all these, I have only seen and used screw-in studs during very icy conditions.

About Thursday 9 November 1665

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Terry, methinks Pepys' dislike of cock-fighting, bear-baiting, rat-baiting, and similar cruelty is due to basic decency rather than Puritanical values. I have never understood how people find enjoyment in the suffering of animals.

About Tuesday 7 November 1665

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Pepys seems to have a soft spot for dogs. He recorded his happiness upon finding his lost dog and recorded the loss of Penington's dog.

About Sunday 3 September 1665

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Periwigg woes: I am reading the interesting tome by Scott and Duncan ("Biology of Plagues", CUP, 2005), who quote the first paragraph of this entry. The fear was unfounded but Pepys did not know that.

About Sunday 13 August 1665

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Our Sam has several relatives in mind who are best spared monetary temptation (as do I).