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About Tuesday 20 November 1666

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In dark times, people take refuge in light entertainment. The bishops wanted more suffering.

About Sunday 28 October 1666

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So lucky for us that Pepys is not a gossip and thus others speak to him so freely.

About Tuesday 16 October 1666

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San Diego Sarah, methinks "a funny stunt" in the sense of showing one's inferior the proper place.

About Saturday 13 October 1666

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"[...] and had for forty times together forgot to carry the 60 which I had in my mind, in one denomination which exceeded 60"

In today's world of spreadsheets, calculators, and such gadgetry, we forget how accounting was carried out in those days.

About Wednesday 3 October 1666

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SDS, personal commissions were accepted (and expected) practise back then but why would he bring them? I suspect that they covered minutiae that the board would know little of and thus could easily criticise.

About Thursday 4 October 1666

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I have never thought of Pepys being miserly but rather prudent. He pays his bills and spends lavishly when socially or personally acceptable. We should remember that he is essentially the sole source of income in his household.

Also, I think that the first guilded books were a test. He is pleased with the result and thus gave Richardson more to guild.

About Thursday 27 September 1666

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"that he may be the fitter to go abroad with me."

Dressing-for-success was more than a buzzword in Pepys's world and there is a tendency to forget that he served at pleasure.

About Wednesday 26 September 1666

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Hotspur seems to be in regular use by 1660s. From the OED:

1. One whose spur is hot with impetuous or constant riding; hence, one who spurs or pushes on recklessly; a heady or rash person. (First occurring, and best known, as surname of Sir Henry Percy, son of the Earl of Northumberland, who fell in the rebellion against Henry IV, in 1403.)
   1460 J. Capgrave Chron. (Rolls) 243 Herry Percy the yonger, whom the Scottis clepid Herry Hatspore.    1586 J. Hooker Girald. Irel. in Holinshed II. 97/2 He was‥in matters of importance an headlong hotspur.    1596 Shakes. 1 Hen. IV, v. ii. 19 A haire-brain'd Hotspurre, gouern'd by a Spleene.    1600 Holland Livy xxxvi. vi. 922 Some hot-spurres‥gave councell to goe against them with all their forces.

About Friday 21 September 1666

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Modern plague deaths are unusual. Y. pestis is endemic in the ground squirrels of the southern U.S. and easilly diagnosed there but less well-known elsewhere. However, later reports indicate that Malcolm Casadaban may have died from other causes.

About Monday 17 September 1666

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"Up betimes, and shaved myself after a week’s growth"

Normality returning after a week of terror, shaving off the fear with the hairs.