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About Thursday 9 November 1665

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Terry, methinks Pepys' dislike of cock-fighting, bear-baiting, rat-baiting, and similar cruelty is due to basic decency rather than Puritanical values. I have never understood how people find enjoyment in the suffering of animals.

About Tuesday 7 November 1665

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Pepys seems to have a soft spot for dogs. He recorded his happiness upon finding his lost dog and recorded the loss of Penington's dog.

About Sunday 3 September 1665

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Periwigg woes: I am reading the interesting tome by Scott and Duncan ("Biology of Plagues", CUP, 2005), who quote the first paragraph of this entry. The fear was unfounded but Pepys did not know that.

About Sunday 13 August 1665

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Our Sam has several relatives in mind who are best spared monetary temptation (as do I).

About Monday 10 July 1665

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"it being a pretty chariot, but most inconvenient as to the horses throwing dust and dirt into one’s eyes and upon one’s clothes."

How lovely. Did they leave their dirty clothes on or clean them?

About Friday 10 February 1664/65

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"and much pleased I am now with my study; it being, methinks, a beautifull sight."

His study gives pleasure in viewing as well as in reading. All one's books rebound in the same style is an interesting thought. The majority of my books are yellow (Springer's colour of choice), but I feel no inclination to have them rebound. I do sometimes envy Pepys having books of the same size, though.

About Monday 6 February 1664/65

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Louise, I grew up with Fahrenheit as well. When Canada switched to Celsius, it took less than a year to acclimatize (pun intended) and now think of water freezing at 32 as very odd.

About Monday 19 December 1664

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Whereas Pepys has applied physical "correction" to servants, this seems to be the first entry of such violence towards his wife.