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About Friday 10 February 1664/65

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"and much pleased I am now with my study; it being, methinks, a beautifull sight."

His study gives pleasure in viewing as well as in reading. All one's books rebound in the same style is an interesting thought. The majority of my books are yellow (Springer's colour of choice), but I feel no inclination to have them rebound. I do sometimes envy Pepys having books of the same size, though.

About Monday 6 February 1664/65

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Louise, I grew up with Fahrenheit as well. When Canada switched to Celsius, it took less than a year to acclimatize (pun intended) and now think of water freezing at 32 as very odd.

About Monday 19 December 1664

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Whereas Pepys has applied physical "correction" to servants, this seems to be the first entry of such violence towards his wife.

About Friday 6 May 1664

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Those who specialise in framework are also known here as framing carpenters, who nowadays must be familiar with local building codes, as opposed to trim carpenters and cabinet makers (noted earlier). Interesting note about the moveable houses, Robert. That would have taken effort, needing to remove the plaster inside and daub outside.

About Thursday 14 April 1664

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Whenever Elizabeth is bedridden with her period, Pepys eats dinner with her by bedside without fanfare. Such mature behaviour is in such contrast with the hysteria in the centuries to come.

About Sunday 11 October 1663

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The diary was written in Restoraion London. Their society was both similar and different from our's. I would heartily recommend "Restoraion London" by Liza Picard to understand the environment (perhaps followed by "Samuel Pepys, the uneqaulled self" by Claire Tomalin).

About Sunday 30 August 1663

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Methinks The Dancing Master is seeking more work and is advertising himself to a captive audience.