7 Jun 2011, 2:26 a.m. - Terry Foreman

One wonders what Pepys spent in Huntingdon for 2s. Was that 2s. each or Pepys's treat? What would the manners have been? Bowles an illiterate good-old-boy; Shepley a servant of Sandwich; Appleyard another local; and SP?)

7 Jun 2011, 3:33 a.m. - cgs

A great opportunity to play the squire ( London toff ?)for a small investment!

7 Jun 2011, 6:36 a.m. - Mary

John Bowles and Edward Shepley are both employed by Sandwich, with Shepley serving as his steward. Appleyard is a Brampton resident.

4 Jun 2021, 2:03 a.m. - San Diego Sarah

Meanwhile, back at the office, Hewer puts most of today's mail in the "pending" box: June 6. 1668 The Victory. Capt. John Hubbard to Sam. Pepys. The bearer, master of the John hoy of Lee, can give an account of her tonnage, Mr. Hayter having it attested by Mr. Shish. He wants his imprest bill, and an order to victual for 3 months for 10 men, and to have 10 more allowed upon his own account in the hoy. He has been very useful in pressing men, and has orders from his Royal Highness to follow my directions. I beg despatch for him. [S.P. Dom., Car II. 241, No. 57.] @@@ June 6. 1668 The Harp, Dublin. Capt. Rob. Hooper to the Navy Commissioners. Has lately received the money appointed, and reduced the former complement of men to 30; would have done so before, but was told only to discharge such as were willing; sends a book of entries and discharges. Begs favour for Thos. Pierson, belonging to the Earl of Anglesey, whom the discharged men have appointed to solicit for their wages, being destitute of money to bear their charges to London; some lie sick and in want. [S.P. Dom., Car II. 241, No. 58.] @@@ June 6. 1668 Woolwich. John Moore, deputy master attendant, to the Navy Commissioners. The Kent sailed yesterday to Halfwaytree, and the Little Victory and Foresight will be ready on Wednesday. Desires them to send to the Trinity House for pilots; applied 8 days ago, but none have appeared; was forced to carry the Kent down without one, as none are to be had in Woolwich. [S.P. Dom., Car II. 241, No. 59.] WHAT'S TRINITY HOUSE'S PROBLEM? RUN OUT OF FUNDS AS WELL? @@@ June 6. 1668 Lyme. Anth. Thorold to Hickes. A vessel has arrived from Crosick with salt, but brings no news of the confirmation of peace with Spain. The Greyhound of Lyme, come from Bilbao in 14 days, reports the conclusion of peace there with France; a French merchant ship met with a French man-of-war, who inquired for De Beaufort, and said he was at sea with a fleet. [S.P. Dom., Car II. 241, No. 63.] THEY SEEK HIM HERE, THEY SEEK HIM THERE THAT DAMNED DE BEAUFORT COULD BE ANYWHERE @@@ June 6. 1668 Bristol. John Fitzherbert to Williamson. The new man-of-war will be ready to launch in a week, and money is ordered down to defray the charge, and to build another, which Mr. Furzer has undertaken, the materials being as cheap at Bristol as in any port in the kingdom. Several vessels named have arrived. The St. Andrew of Londonderry, late a man-of-war, is here, bound for Dublin and the States. [I.E. THE NETHERLANDS] They have put their guns in the hold, but it is supposed they are ready for any adventure they can light upon. [S.P. Dom., Car II. 241, No. 64.] WHEN THE KING CAN'T PAY, STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S GOODS.

4 Jun 2021, 2:18 a.m. - San Diego Sarah

June 6. 1668 Sir John Bennet to Williamson. Asks him to insert in the next Gazette that the passage is re-established between Harwich and Helvoetsluys, with able and sufficient packet boats, for the convenient transporting of passengers and the mails, and that they will go from London every Tuesday and Friday night, beginning Friday June 13. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 241, No. 66.] Sir John Bennet is Arlington’s brother, and runs the Post Office at this time