Friday 5 June 1668

[The rough notes for the journal from this time to the 17th of June are contained on five leaves, inserted in the book; and after them follow several pages left blank for the fair copy which was never made.]


At Barnet, for milk, 6d.
On the highway, to menders of the highway, 6d.
Dinner at Stevenage, 5s. 6d.

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cgs  •  Link

Most interesting ? Charge for fixing the King's Highway.

Katherine  •  Link

It's days like this with just the rough notes that bring home to me how much I'll miss the diary when we come to the end. What happened on the highway? Were they merry? How was the dinner at Stevenage? Who got baisired?

Jenny  •  Link

These rough notes and the money Sam paid each day make the diary even more real for me. Milk 6d. I love it.

JWB  •  Link

Highway menders...

"Tudor statutes had placed responsibility on each parish to maintain all its roads. This arrangement was adequate for roads that the parishioners used themselves but proved unsatisfactory for the principal highways that were used by long-distance travellers and waggoners.[4] During the late 17th century, the piecemeal approach to road maintenance caused acute problems on the main routes into London. As trade increased, the growing numbers of heavy carts and carriages led to serious deterioration in the state of these roads and this could not be remedied by the use of parish statute labour. An alternative approach to coordinate effort on a single highway that passed through several parishes was introduced in 1663, when an Act of Parliament gave the local justices powers to erect tollgates on a section of the Great North Road, between Wadesmill, Hertfordshire; Caxton, Cambridgeshire; and Stilton, Huntingdonshire."

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