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About Saturday 26 October 1667

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I’m with Mary, did I miss something? Sam perfectly happy to leave Bess and Pendleton alone!? Not so long ago the mere thought would’ve given him ulcers.

About Saturday 5 October 1667

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Well Sam certainly seems to have taken Batten’s death in his stride, proposes Middleton as a replacement then jollies off to the theatre. But what about the money Sam? What are you going to do about the money?! If I hadn’t heard it before I’d think your issue with Nell’s make-up was just displacement.

About Monday 23 September 1667

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Thence I walked over the Park to White Hall and took water to Westminster…
Surely Whitehall to Westminster is quicker by foot than water!? I thought the great fire only reached Temple so land travel this far west would’ve been normal, maybe Sam was worried about the dangers of shattering glass carriages.

About Monday 16 September 1667

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But one of the best arts of our sport was a mighty pretty lady that sat behind, that did laugh so heartily and constantly, that it did me good to hear her.

Ah yes.

About Sunday 25 August 1667

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…and there at the Swan I did baiser Frank…
tg you’re right, Sam’s just relentless. Clearly he wasn’t bothered by last week’s hat pinning and usual Sunday service has been resumed.

About Friday 23 August 1667

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Maybe I’m being obvious, but just for clarification, the savoy mentioned by a dusty Sam is not the (much later built) Carte hotel but a hospital/military hospital on the same site, which at the time was being used as a barracks…he’d have to wait a couple of hundred years for the afternoon tea!…'s%20Revolt%20of,the%2015th%20and%2016th%20centuries.

About Wednesday 14 August 1667

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…but she also hires and fires as necessary for the efficient staffing of the household.

I’m not sure that all of Elizabeth’s staff firings were in the best interest of household efficiency.

About Tuesday 18 June 1667

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Just to add my two pennies I agree with SDS, Peg has been groomed from an early age, this is not about Sam being charming or attractive.

About Wednesday 5 June 1667

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After the French manner.
This intrigues me, if the French manner reflects the current western protocol of serving consecutive courses/dishes does this mean that the restoration norm was having the prawn cocktail, steak and Black Forest gateaux all served at once?

About Sunday 5 May 1667

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It would by nice to know how typical this had been BEFORE the Great Fire.

I wondered the same Terry, although I’m sure many of these fires will have been accidental, how many may have been purposely set? emboldened pyromaniacs anyone?

About Saturday 27 April 1667

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I thank God, having not been put to buy a coal all this dear time, that during this war poor people have been forced to give 45s. and 50s., and 3l..

356 years later and energy costs are prohibitive thanks to the latest European war, plus ça change.

About Sunday 21 April 1667

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Fundraising time again... indeed SDS…stable, horse, carriage, coachman, stable boy, livery, let alone the pair of organs to St Olave’s!!

About Saturday 20 April 1667

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So home, and having brought home with me from Fenchurch Street a hundred of sparrowgrass,1 cost 18d. We had them and a little bit of salmon, which my wife had a mind to, cost 3s.

It’s not the first time Sam’s mentioned vegetables but I think that’s the first time he’s let us know how much they cost him.

About Wednesday 17 April 1667

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I’m from the south east of England, and for what it’s worth, like Mr. Gunning and Louise Hudson I have always used on the up and up to mean above board, honest, respectable.

About Sunday 14 April 1667

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Girls running over the bowling green at Jamaica House on cherry garden street. A bucolic scene alien to modern day Bermondsey…and its Millwall fans.