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Michael Robinson  •  Link

There were nine editions published between 1598 and 1639; the only text surviving in the Pepysian Library is in the copy of the 'Fourth Folio,' 1685. PL 2635

Bill  •  Link

Shakespeare's "King Henry IV.," presumably the first part, is given by Downes as one of the plays acted by the King's Servants, and he gives the following cast -- "King: Mr. Wintersel; Prince: Mr. Burt; Hotspur: Mr. Hart; Falstaff: Mr. Cartwright; Poyns: Mr. Shatterel."
---Wheatley, 1896. (note for 31 December 1660)

William Wintersell: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/12399/
Nicholas Burt: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/1431/
Charles Hart: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/11087/
William Cartwright: http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclopedia/11762/

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