Thursday 18 July 1667

Up and to the office, where busy all the morning, and most of our time taken up with Carcasse upon some complaints brought in against him, and many other petitions about tickets lost, which spends most of our time. Home to dinner, and then to the office again, where very well employed at the office till evening; and then being weary, took out my wife and Will Batelier by coach to Islington, but no pleasure in our going, the way being so dusty that one durst not breathe. Drank at the old house, and so home, and then to the office a little, and so home to supper and to bed.

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jmacg  •  Link

Will we ever stop hearing about Carcasse? Can't they get rid of him for once and for all?

Carl in Boston  •  Link

The Shorter Pepys skips over these boring entries. I like them, they're quite informative about the life of the times. The dust on the roads wasn't healthy, and wasn't eliminated till about 1900 in the USA when pavement was laid down. Even then sanitation took years to take hold. Yay for boring days.

Ruben  •  Link

for information about road improvement see:
Like in other aspects, France was ahead in those days.
You can see an illustration of the first paved road in USA in 1823.
Wikipedia can fill your free time easily...

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