Saturday 11 March 1664/65

Up and to the office, at noon home to dinner, and to the office again, where very late, and then home to supper and to bed.

This day returned Sir W. Batten and Sir J. Minnes from Lee Roade, where they have been to see the wrecke of “The London,” out of which, they say, the guns may be got, but the hull of her will be wholly lost, as not being capable of being weighed.

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

"the guns may be got, but the hull of her will be wholly lost, as not being capable of being weighed."

The "80 pieces of brass ordnance" can be retrieved, perhaps the most valuable part of the wreck per pound, as JWB's note three days ago has suggested to me:… ; but the hull cannot be weighed = raised.

adamw  •  Link

Pictures of Leigh roads…
Just next to Southend-on-Mud
Note the yachts balanced on their keels - the water is not deep. Hence the unsubmerged roundhouse.
Home of the original Captain Haddock (Sir Richard) - known to Pepys in later years

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Hmmn...The "London" blown up. What other portents of coming doom for the greatest city in the world shall we see?


"Peter? That fellow Stuart get my hint?"

"'Fraid not, Almighty."

"Hmmn...Well, one ship. 'Twas a modest demonstration of wrath. Lets try...A plague."

"Might have to throw in fire and military disaster as well, sir. Takes a bit to shake this one."

"No locusts? You're usually a locusts sort of guy."

"Mmmmnnn...Not really the place for them, sir. And sir...About that special dispensation."

"Yes. For the lecherous little diary-keeper?"

"Very entertaining fellow, sir. But I'm thinking of Posterity here."

"Does have a certain charm, that journal of his...And that wife of his does pray hard for him. Though why, only I know. Well, we see..."

"Yes, sir."

"Or you will...Naturally I already know."

"Of course, sir."

Mary  •  Link


As in 'to weigh anchor' which is a more familiar modern example of this usage.

rob  •  Link

Robert Gertz, Heaven 1665....



JWB  •  Link

"... guns may be got...hull...wholly lost,"

Sam doesn't question Batten's competence as surveyor.

Harvey  •  Link

"Sam doesn’t question Batten’s competence as surveyor"

In Pepys' day they did not have the illusion that life can be made safe. It was understood that the Universe is bumpy and disasters don't necessarily point to incompetence.

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Chris Squire UK  •  Link

Re: "the hull of her will be wholly lost, as not being capable of being weighed."

‘weigh, v.1 < Germanic . .
. . 6. a. To raise (a sunk ship, gun, etc.) from the bottom of the water. Also with up.
. . 1669   S. Sturmy Mariners Mag. v. xii. 81   Rules to weigh Ships, or Guns, or any thing else in the Water . . ‘

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