Monday 7 October 1661

Up in the morning and to my uncle Fenner’s, thinking to have met Peg Kite about her business but she comes not, so I went to Dr. Williams, where I found him sick in bed and was sorry for it. So about business all day, troubled in my mind till I can hear from Brampton, how things go on at Sturtlow, at the Court, which I was cleared in at night by a letter, which tells me that my cozen Tom was there to be admitted, in his father’s name, as heir-at-law, but that he was opposed, and I was admitted by proxy, which put me out of great trouble of mind.

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Mary  •  Link

The surrender for Sturtlow.

L&M note that this document was in Pepys' possession immediately after his Unlce Robert's death, and refer to the entry for 21st July 1661,

Chris Squire UK  •  Link

Agreed. This page also includes an explanation of copyhold for anyone wondering what this form of tenure = property right was. It was abolished in 1922.

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