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Thomas Pepys, probably the son of Thomas Pepys of London (born, 1595), brother of Samuel’s father, John Pepys.

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His job and close family members

Cousin Thomas Pepys owned a "hardware shop" in St. Paul's churchyard, according to O.F. Moreshead's "The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Illustrated Edition" (1960 edition), p xix. Pepys calls him a "turner."

His father was Thomas Pepys of St. Alphage's parish, London (d. 1676), and he apparently had a sister (name unknown) and a brother, Charles, a joiner.

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Pepys, Thomas (cousin)
born 1620 Eaton Cambs"Thomas the Turner." AB
Prospered as a trader with the West Indies, making several voyages there. The last trace of him is returning from Jamaica some time after Pepys funeral. The Diary of Samuel Pepys Vol X Latham.

brothers John(1622-1702 of chatham) ,Charles(the joiner1631-1702? creed st. Stephany),sister Mary (1626-1667 mar. Samuel de Santhuns 1662 French church )
[His father was Thomas Pepys of St. Alphage

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