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dirk  •  Link

venison pasty

Heavy stuff! Indigestion tomorrow morning?

vicente  •  Link

Should have gone to the H.o L.
July 5th Petitions from Good Christians and Anabptists. pet: will be heard but ???
then report concerning Penal Laws against Priests. ...For refusing to take Oath of Supremacy . should it be repealed? it was read and voted and Ordered To stand as is.
Otherwise they are very interested in the Real estate trans actions.

Linda  •  Link

Do you think when he says he was "very merry" that it is because they have been drinking?

Mary  •  Link

"very merry"

I expect that they have been drinking, but Pepys' use of 'merry' here would have been literal, not as a euphemism for 'jovially drunk' or 'tipsy'.

Robert Gertz  •  Link

Apparently Sir Will B. kicked in for the real thing, unlike cozen Tom in Jan, 1660.

"...only the venison pasty was palpable beef, which was not handsome."

JWB  •  Link

"They don't flee from me"
Three fauns this morning in my orchard eating low hanging pears. Anyone for venison pasties?

A. De Araujo  •  Link

If you can assure me it is not from road kill.

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Sandwich's log:

"July 5th. Friday. The Governor of Malaga, the Conde de Torrino, came and dined aboard me, and the Duke of Tursis was then in the mole with 4 Genoa gallies."

Copied from
The Journal of Edward Mountagu,
First Earl of Sandwich
Admiral and General-at-Sea 1659 - 1665

Edited by RC Anderson
Printed for the Navy Records Society

Section III - Mediterranean 1661/62

Genoa Galleys were rowed by slaves -- by the 1670's, had Pepys continued the Diary, we would have am encyclopedia page for Malta because Charles II tried to adopt the Genoa Galley ship design (complete with slaves because volunteers couldn't be incentivized to row hard enough) to fight the Barbary Pirates, and Adm. Narborough needed to use their ports. If you are intrigued by a much bigger picture, here's a chapter which will fill in the blanks: https://www.um.edu.mt/library/oar…

The mole -- another word for wharf or breakwater protecting the harbor from big waves.

The Governor of Malaga, the Conde de Torrino, seems to be an hereditory position, and I haven't found a convenient page for this particular man.

The Duke of Tursis -- the Doria family had a fabulous mansion in Genia -- https://www.museidigenova.it/en/p…

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