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About Sunday 5 January 1661/62

Annie B  •  Link

Geoff - that is so neat! I can't wait to go on a Pepys tour (perhaps self-directed) next time I'm in London!

About Sunday 1 December 1661

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A few years late, @Araujo but no (or almost-no) saints in Protestant England. Unless there is something unusual about this specific time, generally saints were associated with Catholicism and thus, not a big part of life in Protestant England.

Side note, apparently this is why Protestant traditions celebrate Santa Claus on Dec 25, rather than his original date Dec 6 as he is still celebrates in Belgium and the Netherlands. This was an effort to associate him with Christmas rather than a saint's day. :)

About Tuesday 1 October 1661

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I think it's funny how Sam had to consider whether he would allow Elizabeth to learn to sing. I wonder, was it the cost he was considering, or was there any part of him that wasn't thrilled to give up another one of his personal hobbies. I think it's nice Sam and Elizabeth are spending more time together, but on the other hand, for some, this could be getting to be a lot of time together... Last year, Sam had a lot more time away from the house to himself!

About Monday 30 September 1661

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Wow! These last few days have been amazing. I just love the vision of our Sam racing all over the city to learn what happens, and just the day after he drank so much but knew not how. Reading through the website is my first time reading Sam, and it's becoming increasingly clear to me why he is so well-regarded. Thank you Sam!!

About Tuesday 16 July 1661

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Hooray! I'm 12 years too late, but had never heard of Stage Beauty, and quite appreciate the suggestion. Loved seeing our Sam in action and fun being able to picture the time in a different way. Thanks PHE and Bullus Hutton!

About Tuesday 15 January 1660/61

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I too love this line: "Home, where my wife not yet come home, so I went up to put my papers in order, and then was much troubled my wife was not come, it being 10 o’clock just now striking as I write this last line."

Such a clear reminder that at one point a man was sitting behind his desk writing these thoughts in real-time. As much as we *know* this, it's easy to forget when you can just click to the next day. These lines help me snap back into Sam's present, and is why I particularly love Sam (or his diary!).

(A few days late on the convo but wanted to add my notch in the "fond of" column for our dear Mr. Pepys who never ceases to write things that amuse me!)

About Friday 21 December 1660

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Or maybe Sam is lookong for advice from his dad about a gift for Elizabeth... Elizabeth appears to be close with her father-in-law!

About Friday 7 December 1660

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Well that can't be right... can it? This entry makes it sound like he is meeting Laud's mother for the first time, but he has already met Mrs. Crisp.

About Thursday 6 December 1660

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I love this... "yet lothness to part with money did dissuade me from it"

Confirmation of what we've been speculating about!

About Wednesday 5 December 1660

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Yes, I wonder about this as well. Elizabeth seems sometimes to be more similar to Jane than Sam. Doing the wash... cooking... I wonder how much he shares with her at the end of a long day...

About Sunday 11 November 1660

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I can't believe I find no comments about Dr. Thomas Pepys... what a strange thing to say re: not marrying since he loved Elizabeth so much and would give all his things to her child...? Surely an odd comment, unless this was some common expression?

Also, is that really what Sam meant by making an anagram...? I wondered if there may be some other meaning...

About Wednesday 24 October 1660

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Well I for one am certainly intrigued by this necklace for Mrs. Pepys! 3l isn't enough? I wonder how much the captain will be expected to save for that?!

About Monday 22 October 1660

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Ha! I love the idea of Sam asking permission to have the portrait copied... what a good way to emphasize your allegiance... just a bit of kissing up to your Lord!

About Sunday 21 October 1660

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It's nice to see Sam concerned about the boy's whereabouts, but I'm surprised he isn't more annoyed. Didn't he directly disobey Sam?

About Friday 19th October 1660

Annie B  •  Link

As Sam recounts his various remodels of his house, I can't help but wonder if all his hard work will survive the fire. I'm no Londoner, so perhaps the geography is clear to those of you who know the area better, but I will really be interested to hear the reports when we get there (but not looking for spoilers- just wondering aloud!). This diary really adds such a human element to the history doesn't it? I've pictured the fire plenty of times, but never have I thought of it in the terms of, what happens to all those books? And those bags of cash lying around? And even if Sam's stuff is fine, there's someone on the other side of town who has as much pride in their home who lost it all. Really makes you think!

About Saturday 6 October 1660

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Yes! I am so curious about Elizabeth's day-to-day life. How did she know when to eat without him? Seems like sometimes he brings home dinner and sometimes not. It's so hard to imagine in today's texting culture, if someone is late by more than ten minutes without a message you really start to wonder! They must have been adjusted to such a different attitude of flexibility and not knowing where people are. It': a shame we haven't discovered a diary from Elizabeth!