Monday 13 May 1661

All the morning at home among my workmen. At noon Mr. Creed and I went to the ordinary behind the Exchange, where we lately were, but I do not like it so well as I did. So home with him and to the office, where we sat late, and he did deliver his accounts to us.

The office being done I went home and took pleasure to see my work draw to an end.

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Kevin Peter  •  Link

Sam and Mr. Creed are almost inseparable these days. I find it interesting that Sam tends to spend time with his friend/colleagues in bunches. A while back, he was regularly accompanying Sir William Batten, and before that, Luellin.

I'm sure there are plenty of others I'm unable to remember.

vicente  •  Link

"no musical interlude today ?"
"...where we lately were, but I do not like it so well as I did..."

daniel  •  Link

indeed, vicente!

Sam always values music in all its forms where ever he goes. no wonder today seems a bit drab to him.

Australian Susan  •  Link

"I do not like it so well as I did"
Maybe also he is finding the food at the ordinary just too plain ordinary!

Glyn  •  Link

As a reminder, he and Creed went there last Tuesday (the 7th)

A. Hamilton  •  Link

The workmen came March 25 to put in "a pair of stairs up out of my parler." Pepys estimated the job would take 2 months; today is the 50th day. Its too bad we don't have a picture of the stairs, which judging by the amount of labor (at least two men & I estimate at least 42 working days) must have been fairly elaborate.

vicente  •  Link

Education general, interesting, The Dons came to pick their students, Orals etc.: This day Evelyn did write
"..I heard, & saw such Exercises at the Election of Scholars at Westminster Schoole, to be sent to the Universitie, both in Lat: GR: & Heb: Arabic &c in the Theames & extemporary Verses as wonderfully astonish'd me, in such young stripling, with that readinesse, & witt, some of them not above 12 or 13 years of age: & pitty it is, that what they attaine here so ripely, they either not retaine, or improve more condiserably, when they come to be men: though many of them do: & and no lesse is to be blamed their odd pronouncing of Latine, so that out of England no nation were able to understand or endure it: The Examinants or Posers were Dr Duport Greek Professor at Cambridge: Dr Fell[? of who "do tell"?]:Dean of Christchu[[rc]]h Oxen : Dr Pierson, Dr. Alestree, Deane of Westminster & any that would:.."

Johny  •  Link

"The office being done I went home and took pleasure to see my work draw to an end." - what a feeling...:)

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Terry Foreman  •  Link

His Majesty hath appointed Four of the Clock this Afternoon, for Reception of both Houses, in the Banqueting-house at Whitehall to receive this greeting and resolution concerning the King's Marriage.…

We the Lords and Commons do humbly tender our Acknowledgments and Thanks unto Your Majesty, for that free and gracious Communication of Your Resolution to marry with the Infanta of Portugall; which we conceive to be of so high Concernment to this Nation, as that we receive it with great Joy and Satisfaction; and do, with all Earnestness, beg a Blessing upon, and a speedy Accomplishment of it. And we cannot but express our own unanimous Resolutions, (which we are confident will have a general Influence upon the Hearts of all Your Subjects) that we shall, upon all Occasions, be ready to assist Your Majesty, in the Pursuance of those Your Intentions, against all Oppositions whatsoever.

john  •  Link

@A. Hamilton (if you ever read this a decade later), the delay may have been for several reasons: Sam was not a good estimator; or the hole between floors may have been awkward (requiring unforseen collaring and so on, even given the redundancy of that time period).

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