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vincent  •  Link

"'The Bondman' acted most excellently, and though I have seen it often, yet I am every time more and more pleased with Betterton's action…”
Here he references more one attendance yet He did not go to Plays before the the start of the Journal,[they were a no no][only one previous ref: to the Bondman] so I’m a little confused{shush}, does he not record all his doings?
He has seen Betteton on more than two occassions so he may be referring to the actor rather than the play.
Is Betterton is the subject, not the bondman?
Seen here[ may be] for the first time on Saturday 18 August 1660
Cockpitt to see "The Moore of Venice," which was well done
Whitefriars to the Play-house, and there saw "The Changeling," the first time it hath been acted these twenty years, and it takes exceedingly

vincent  •  Link

"...young Mr. Jones ..." Coll: Jones? I would have thought the Rank would have been in vogue?

Kevin Sheerstone  •  Link

Young Mr Jones. It does seem unlike Sam to drop a title: perhaps this Mr Jones is Col. Phillip Jones' son who was mentioned on 9th. February this year as being a friend of Mr Creed.

Second Reading

Eric Rowley  •  Link

I realize I am ten years too late for most posters, but I have a question for any still out there. What is the age difference between Pepys and Creed? I always assumed they were approximately the same age, or possibly Pepys younger than Creed (Creed being the favorite of My Lord before Pepys' arrival). The mention of Creed's friendship with Young Mister Jones makes me wonder if Pepys is the eldest of the group. That would make sense regarding Pepys' quickly taking over the favoritism.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

John Creed FRS (abt. 1640 - 1701) per this genealogy site https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cre…
Samuel Pepys FRS (23 February 1633 – 26 May 1703)

The impression that Creed is older may come from his having been earlier in Mountagu's employ. But Creed was replaced as secretary as this position was redefined during the regime change as, in effect, "confidential secretary". Pepys was a cousin with whom Mountagu seemed to feel comfort handling personal information (see this diary March 1660 and ff.).

Creed may still be older: the 1640 birthdate is conjectural: L&M say , "by Apr. 1656 he was in London conducting financial business at the orders of the Council of State, possibly through attachment to Mountagu's service in the Treasury." http://www.pepysdiary.com/encyclo… However Creed did not marry Elizabeth Pickering (1644?-1728) until October 1668.

Third Reading

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

Creed's wedding date disguises the fact that he was trying to find a match long before that -- I don't think he was a wealthy man, even if he was well connected by birth.
Pepys married young, and it was a love match, probably not approved of by either family, but his appears to have adjusted better to the done deed.

I think of them as peers and rivals, at the start of the Diary both wanting the same positions with Sandwich. Pepys' appointment with the Navy left the way clear for Creed to have those positions and be close to Sandwich all the time. At this point they should have become friends and colleagues -- but Creed seems to have joined the long list of people Pepys suspected of double-dealing and disloyalty. Which was Standard Operating Practice of the day, so he was probably right.
That's a shame, because Pepys desperately needed some male friends.

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