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vincent  •  Link

On the 13th "she who must who must obeyed" has up and**** .
"...Troubled with the absence of my wife...."
then he is just saying nowt, I do believe he is in the dumps. A week of watching the white wash and gilding [the lily]and it appears he is not even telling the diary what's up. SP's keeping mum about this work, no gory details, [ who is a paying - Bills?]except he keeps a beady eye on the work; 7 days now. No morning draugh ?, not even a mention of the boys , or {bbc version of fun and games}
Veddy Veddy strange?

Mary  •  Link

"Her indoors"

Lady Batten kept Elizabeth with her at Woolwich for the nights of 11th and 12th December. On 13th December both women returned home. This was the same day on which the workmen arrived; they arrived in the morning and the two women got safely home about midday. Why should Pepys be 'down in the dumps'? He's just trying to ensure that all the decorating is done before Christmas and this is uppermost in his mind. Distracting, certainly, but not depressing.

Lawrence  •  Link

All Day at home with my workman,
I wonder who told him the news about Princess Mary? one of the workman I guess as he doesn't mention any other visitors today.
I reckon Sam's a little fed up, stuck in doors all day and acording to Ralph Josselin's Diary entry; today is "very wintery cold, wet weather.

David Quidnunc  •  Link

Oops, didn't see the bottom of Lawrence's annotation!

Second Reading

simplicio  •  Link

Mary will die of small pox in a few days. Charles II has now lost a daughter and brother to smallpox within a few months of their coming to England.

Chris Squire UK  •  Link

Simplicio: no more spoilers, please: this Diary is intended to be read a day at a time.

Terry Foreman  •  Link

Chris, L&M footnotes to Pepys's entries are the sources of many of the spoilers that appear in these posts, though not of this one.

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