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About Saturday 5 January 1660/61

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SP first mentions reading Fuller's Church History back in 2/15/60 and is still reading it 30th Dec of the same year. Must be quite a tome, but it explains his some-what star-struck "great Tom Fuller".

About Wednesday 2 January 1660/61

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Assuming the parenthetical is in the original text, specifying that "Pall" is his sister is sort of interesting. If the Diary was meant for his eyes only, its hard to see why he'd feel the need to remind his future self who his own siblings are. Especially given that the pet name makes it unlikely he's going to get her confused with any other Paulines he might know.

About Thursday 20 December 1660

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Mary will die of small pox in a few days. Charles II has now lost a daughter and brother to smallpox within a few months of their coming to England.