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About Wednesday 3 May 1665

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The internet tells me I'm wrong, but "Suffumigation" sounds to me like it could have been made up by Homer Simpson, much like saxamaphone.

About Wednesday 26 April 1665

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The "animated horse hair" would be one of the many species of horsehair worm, a fascinating parasite of insects, crickets in the case of my common local one.

About Tuesday 28 February 1664/65

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JWB of 2008: There was a small 4.4 earthquake near Swansea Feb 17 this year. Similar ones every 2-3 years says the BGS.

About Thursday 29 December 1664

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I think this has come up before, C in B of ten years ago, but "Corinthian leather" was invented by an ad agency for Chrysler in the US in the 70s, it doesn't really exist. Unicorn binding might look good though, if the bindery has run out of tanned Corinthians.

About Wednesday 23 November 1664

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Sam wasn't all that much older than his boy when he had his stone removed, so it's possible the diagnosis may be right.

About Tuesday 13 September 1664

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"Oh, the poor rats!"
Many years ago I was a passenger on a German freighter sailing from the US to Australia, only nine of us, so we shared two tables at meals. The Captain headed the richer table, the first mate was at the one I was at. One person at the captain's table was a very wealthy older woman, and she listened to the captain tell the story of the ship burning not long before (it had been rebuilt in Japan). He told of the ship's dog being left behind accidentally, and it jumped from the bridge to safety. The elderly woman exclaimed, "Oh, what about the rats?" The captain hauled himself upright and sternly and loudly said "Madame, there are no rats on MY ship!" Thereafter, that woman was relegated to table #2 with the rest of us peasants.
By the way, that little dog was always the first at his station during a fire drill after that incident.

About Sunday 21 August 1664

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The "how he do" construction reminded me of the Youtube series "True Facts About The Frog" or owl or praying mantis etc etc. He uses it in nearly every episode. I'm a little disappointed it isn't what Sam writ.

About Friday 5 August 1664

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I took the plastering to be for decorative purposes, "whiting and colouring", not acoustic.