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About Tuesday 13 September 1664

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"Oh, the poor rats!"
Many years ago I was a passenger on a German freighter sailing from the US to Australia, only nine of us, so we shared two tables at meals. The Captain headed the richer table, the first mate was at the one I was at. One person at the captain's table was a very wealthy older woman, and she listened to the captain tell the story of the ship burning not long before (it had been rebuilt in Japan). He told of the ship's dog being left behind accidentally, and it jumped from the bridge to safety. The elderly woman exclaimed, "Oh, what about the rats?" The captain hauled himself upright and sternly and loudly said "Madame, there are no rats on MY ship!" Thereafter, that woman was relegated to table #2 with the rest of us peasants.
By the way, that little dog was always the first at his station during a fire drill after that incident.

About Sunday 21 August 1664

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The "how he do" construction reminded me of the Youtube series "True Facts About The Frog" or owl or praying mantis etc etc. He uses it in nearly every episode. I'm a little disappointed it isn't what Sam writ.

About Friday 5 August 1664

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I took the plastering to be for decorative purposes, "whiting and colouring", not acoustic.

About Thursday 30 June 1664

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Susan of 2007, I think I've mentioned before that Australian maggots are much quicker off the mark than most. The blow-fly eggs hatch very quickly, food can become "fly blown" in a few hours. I worked the night shift in Sydney, and the supper meal would be covered and put aside for me in a closed cabinet for my lunch. I had to abandon it several times because of maggots and go in search of peanut butter and bread instead.

About Wednesday 20 April 1664

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More pedantry, anyone? "Genuine Corinthian Leather" is very rare, since it existed only in the minds of the marketers for Chrysler in the 1970s. I would be especially leery of a book bound with the stuff, it may be leather, but it probably came from New Jersey. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

About Tuesday 5 April 1664

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I've seen workers eating their lunch while seated on a bloated cow carcass at a rendering plant, one of the foulest-smelling places I've ever encountered. The nose can adapt to almost anything with a little exposure.

About Tuesday 8 March 1663/64

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Not only does it not deter deer and other pests, (specifically bunnies) human urine attracts them, I suppose for the salts. Cottontail rabbits will go straight for it quickly, as in overnight. Indeed, I could have my whole lawn mown if I drank more coffee and beer.