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About Tuesday 9 October 1666

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Buskin, "a knee- or calf-length boot", but there's also "bushkin", a half-boot. Same?

About Monday 1 October 1666

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I wonder why "mighty wisely"? 'Sent them out again' would have sounded like a completely normal thing to do, but the wisely throws me. Speedily?

About Friday 7 September 1666

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the wiki tells me that it traditionally means not mechanically printed or reproduced, so hand written, typed, but the meaning has broadened now.

About Wednesday 11 July 1666

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I don't think we've got the varnish thing yet, after all, Sam thought it was an invention that would take in the world, which sounds pretty momentous. It must have had some naval use, he presented it to the Board and they were well pleased. Varnishing charts seems like the obvious use, but take in the world?

About Monday 25 June 1666

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And don't forget the "orange girls", including Sam's "pretty, witty Nell".

About Wednesday 31 January 1665/66

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Thanks, A.Hamilton 2009, I never thought to wonder where the word customer came from. Are the " "s around the word in the diary, or added by the editors later, and what do they indicate?

About Monday 25 December 1665

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Merry Christmas to Phil, the ghosts of annotators past, and alla y'all, thanks everyone. rb