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About Monday 15 October 1660

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There will be many many instances of "the best that ever... in my life" over the life of the Diary. I do admire his enthusiasm.

About Saturday 9 June 1660

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Thanks, Emilio and David, if you're still out there. These entries are sketchy in the best sense of the term.

About Friday 8 June 1660

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This entry seems to be notes to remind himself, to be elaborated on later, especially the "Mr. Hetley's mistake about dinner." Reminds me of the entries much later when he goes touring around Stonehenge and his old stomping grounds.

About Sunday 3 June 1660

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Agreed, the annotators were tolerant and helpful to this Pepys n00b when I first found the Diary, either years ago or years in the future, depending on how you look at it. I'm really enjoying this second chance, I missed all of this the first time. And, spoiler, there will be annoying annotators still to come, Bill.

About Monday 27 February 1659/60

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I was wondering if he is just being more circumspect in reporting his flings with maids of the house early in the Diary, or if he still hasn't found his wings?

About Annotations can be posted again

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Thanks Phil, I'm really looking forward to seeing who's still here. I too missed many years and am starting from the beginning. Your annotators were (and will be, I hope) invaluable to me, a pure Pepys n00b when I started reading. You, they, and Sam have made my world a much more interesting place, thanks for all your work and dedication.

About Sunday 19 February 1659/60

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Welcome back, Annotations! Thank you, Phil, I'm looking forward to years with Sam, as well as with many old and new friends in the annotations.